Does the TalkBox.Mom Program Require a Membership Fee?

Are you worried that TalkBox.Mom is a membership program that is impossible to get out of? We are happy to report that the answer is no!

There is absolutely no membership fee required to use our program. Whether you purchase a box or a phrasebook (or both), you will have lifetime access to that material without any additional charges. Ever!

Even if you complete the entire program and are a total foreign language rockstar, you will always have access to the native speaker audio on our TalkBox.Mom Companion App if you happen to forget a word or two. 😉

You also have complete control of your subscription! If you decide to put TalkBox.Mom on hold for a couple of months, or even for a couple of years, you won’t be charged a single cent – and you can resume your subscription when you are ready. And the best part is that you don’t have to make any calls or send any messages to do this, you can just log in to your TalkBox.Mom account and adjust your subscription at your fingertips!


Answered by Eileen

  • This is not a membership service.
  • You wont get stuck paying for something you suddenly can’t afford, just pause your subscription. Go back and choose when you want to continue it. You will retain all previous information and native speaker audio from your previous purchases.
  • Once you complete the program, you keep it! If you have a forgetful day and want to listen to the native speaker say a phrase again, go do it, it will all still be there!

To begin your lifetime access to all that we have to offer at TalkBox.Mom, click here!


Will you still have a membership if you complete the program? And do you have to keep paying to keep a membership fee?

Answered by Eileen

Hi future TalkBox.Mom families!

I know some of you might be worried about this program.

Is it a membership program?

Is it a subscription program that I’m going to be stuck in forever?

The answer is no! This is not a membership program.

You’re just going to be paying for what you actually buy

and use. And the great part about it is that once you finish

the program, and you feel like you’re a native speaker, you’re

going to be able to keep the native speaker audio on your

app forever!

So in case you forget a phrase, or you’re having trouble remembering

a few words, or how you say something;

you can just go back to your app, even once you’ve completed

the program, and listen to those phrases again.

If for some reason you’re short on money one month, and you

want to be able to pause your subscription, you can go in

there and do that at any time, and the boxes or the phrasebook,

which you’ve already purchased, are going to stay on your app.

So you’re going to still be able to access those phrases

from the native speaker.

I really appreciate that. When I buy something I want to make

sure I’m not feeling like I’m getting trapped, and feeling

a little bit nervous about it.

I found that TalkBox.Mom

eased my fear by allowing me to go pause the subscription,

and go back to it when I was ready, and I still got to keep

all of the native speaker that I had already paid for, and

I will get to keep it for the rest of my life.

So this is not a membership program.

You will not be charged a membership fee to keep using the program.

If you want more information

click the link below!

To begin your lifetime access to all that we have to offer at TalkBox.Mom, click here!

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