On a Tight Budget? How to Make TalkBox.Mom Fit Into it.

I spent an entire year trying to decide if I could make TalkBox.Mom fit in our family’s budget. $80 is a good chunk of change! However, after searching for something comparable, I realized it is well worth the $80. Finding someone in my community who is a native speaker and can offer private tutoring for my whole family and cover the same amount of material in a single box would cost well over $600! I am not able to buy a new box every 3 months. Sometimes it’s every 4-5 months. Thankfully, TalkBox.Mom gives me the freedom to choose how often we get a new box. Being able to spread out the boxes has made it possible to fit into my family’s budget!


Answered by Eileen

  • Buy what you can, when you can.
  • Put your account on hold until you have the funds for your next box.
  • No pressure for the next box to come until YOU are READY!
  • YOU choose the date for your boxes!
  • A private tutor is for ONE child, TalkBox.Mom is for ALL members of the family, so you get far more bang for you buck!
  • It might be a tight squeeze in your family’s budget, but it will be worth it because ALL members of your family will benefit from TalkBox.Mom.

To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!


I want to start TalkBox.Mom, but I’m on a really tight budget.

Answered by Eileen

Hi Moms and Dads!

I know what it’s like to be on a really tight budget.

My family doesn’t always have money for the extras.

So I spent an entire year of my life trying to figure out

if we could afford TalkBox.Mom, and I finally broke down

and bought it! And it’s the best decision I made for our family

because we’re able to talk in a foreign language as a whole

family. It’s so expensive to go and find a private tutor

in my community, and that wouldn’t allow me to be able to

talk with my family at the same time.

So I decided that we could afford it.

I’m not able to buy a box every three months.

Sometimes it’s four or five months down the road before I

have an extra $80.

So I just put my subscription on hold until I have the extra

money, and then I go back into my account and choose the shipping

date for my next box.

It does not charge me until I’m ready for my box, and I really,

really appreciate that.

Sometimes I felt like it might be like a subscription service,

and I might get trapped into it, but I felt really comfortable

that I was able to put my account on hold, and choose the date

that I want my box to come.

I am loving learning to talk in a foreign language as a whole

family, and I think that you would love it too! Click the link

below if you want to find out more information.

To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!

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