I’ve Tried Other Language Programs Before That Didn’t Work. How is TalkBox.Mom Different?


Answered by Eileen

-Many people have tried other foreign language programs and been unsuccessful. They just haven’t found the RIGHT one!

-Staring at an app or computer screen with no human interaction isn’t going to work as well as having REAL conversations with REAL people.

-TalkBox.Mom works because you will be talking as a whole family using phrase that are commonly used in every day life.

-No worksheets or flashcards to memorize like back in high school foreign language classes, instead you will start with talking to people you feel comfortable with, your family members.

To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!


I’ve tried other language programs before that didn’t work. How is TalkBox.Mom different?

Answered by Eileen

Hello, future foreign language learners!

I know some of you have tried foreign language programs in

the past, but they haven’t worked.

What’s different about Talkbox.mom?

What I find to be useful is that you’re actually going to

be using the phrases as a whole family.

I know that I’ve tried some apps where I’m just sitting there

staring at the screen trying to say the phrases to myself,

but that’s not going to work.

You want to have someone to talk to, and that’s why Talkbox.Mom

is the best! I took German in high school for four

years and I can say maybe a few words here or there, but I

have no idea how to actually say whole phrases and talk to

people that I may come across in my community. Talkbox.Mom

is going to teach you useful phrases that you’re actually

going to be learning as a whole family; phrases that are around

dinner, playing outside, going to the grocery store,

walking around in nature.

So these are going to be things that you’re going to learn,

and want to use talking to people in your community, and that’s

what’s going to be different.

You’re going to be talking in the language not just staring

at an app or doing worksheets.

This is the best program I’ve found and I hope that you enjoy it too!

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To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!

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