How to Easily Fit TalkBox.Mom into Your Day

Want to easily fit TalkBox.Mom into your day? Swipe a page or two from one of the five families we’re featuring to build out your best school year ever as you stay consistent learning a language with your family! 

In these slide decks, each mom covers how her family fits TalkBox.Mom into a super busy day as well as a day where they make a longer committed effort to learn. Plus, each family is totally different! So whether your kids are younger, older, or a mix of both… or if your kids homeschool, go to a language immersion school, or public school, you’ll see how TalkBox.Mom can fit into your day.






Join the conversation by commenting below with your biggest takeaway and which mom gave you the inspiration! Can’t wait to see what your AHA moment or fun inspiration is!

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Love this! What a cool way of presenting the material that was in the live! I have a question- do the 5 bookend phrases change each week, or are they always the same (are they always “morning” phrases and “night” phrases). I’d love tiny bit more detail on that. What great ideas!

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