Do I need the TalkBox.Mom app even though I know how to pronounce the language?

The lovely lady in the video below is my good friend, Jenn.

…took high school Spanish 15 years ago.

…decided to speak Spanish with her children using the TalkBox.Mom program.

…passed on using the App with native speaker audio because… she took high school Spanish

…realized she was mispronouncing almost everything and teaching her kids it incorrectly as well.

In short, don’t be like Jenn. 😜

All jokes aside, how many of us have ever been asked something, like a math question, and we are pretty sure that we remember how to solve it even though we haven’t reviewed that concept in years – and then do it completely wrong? I think all of us can relate on some level. *Hand raised over here*!

Unless you are a native speaker, it is very difficult to be aware of all the tiny nuances when it comes to speaking in a foreign language. Even though you may generally understand how certain vowels & consonants are pronounced in the new language, there are often exceptions (just like in English!) and subtle changes that a non-native speaker may not be aware of.

The TalkBox.Mom Companion App can also be useful for those who are already native speakers trying to help their children learn their native language! The native speaker in the app first pronounces each phrase word by word, giving the listener time to hear the individual sounds, and then says the full phrase. This can be helpful for your children to hear the different phrases one word at a time. Plus, this eliminates the need for you, the native speaker, to have to repeat yourself over and over. 😉

The best part is that the TalkBox.Mom Companion App is included with your purchase. You can use it every minute of every day and never be charged an extra cent, so it would be wise to take full advantage of a valuable resource that can really benefit you!


Answered by Jenn

  • Yes! I took Spanish in high school and felt pretty confident in my pronunciation skills-As I worked to pronounce the new phrases, I would sometimes listen to how it was pronounced in the app, and I learned that I was pronouncing things completely wrong!
  • The app can benefit a native speaker as well because it pronounces the phrases slowly over & over again so that you don’t have to repeat yourself!-If you learned formal Spanish, then Spanish spoken by a native speaker may be pronounced differently

To get all of the details on the TalkBox.Mom Companion App and the rest of our program, click here!


Answered by Jenn

Hey! My name is Jenn, and one of my favorite aspects of the

TalkBox.Mom program is the companion app.

It is so handy!

It’s so convenient. And it is very helpful when it comes

to hearing how new phrases are pronounced.

But you might be wondering,

if I already know how to pronounce

the language of my choice,

do I still need the companion app?

There are a lot of different ways to answer this based on

your experience with the language,

but I will give my personal experience.

So I took two years of Spanish in high school,

plus I grew up in Southern

California, so all of my life I’ve heard Spanish all over the

place, and I continue to hear it throughout my life because

it’s a very prominent language in the United States.

So when I decided to speak Spanish with my kids and use the

TalkBox.Mom program, I thought, “I don’t need the app,

like, I took Spanish 15 years ago, and I totally remember!”

Like, I was really confident in my abilities back then, and

I’m very confident in my abilities now to pronounce Spanish

correctly. So I went on my merry way, and I never listened

to the app, and there’s one day I came across a word that

was different than the typical words

I had seen before, and you know, learned in high school.

So I was like, “Huh?”

I should probably listen to the app for that one. And I listened

to it, and I realized I was pronouncing it, like, completely wrong.

And it made me think, “What else have I been pronouncing

completely wrong?”

Lo and behold, I was pronouncing everything wrong, almost!

It was a very humbling moment, and I had to fix my own bad

habits, and I also had to fix the bad habits that my children

had formed because they followed my very bad example.

So I learned the hard way that the TalkBox.Mom companion

app is extremely useful, especially for people who spoke

Spanish 15 years ago! Now on the other hand,

if you are a native Spanish speaker, then the

TalkBox.Mom companion app might not be super, super helpful

for you, but it could be helpful for your children because

the way that the app is designed is the native speaker audio;

they say the phrase very, very slowly and then they say

it, you know, the normal speed a person would say. And, so

hearing that native speaker audio on the companion app might

be helpful for your children to hear the word slowly.

And hear it over and over again without you having to repeat

yourself over and over again.

So there’s a variety of ways to answer that. In general,

I’d say everybody could benefit from the app.

So, yeah!

Anyway, if you want to learn more, and get started, and find out

what this app is all about, click the link below to get you there!

To get all of the details on the TalkBox.Mom Companion App and the rest of our program, click here!

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