How Much Does TalkBox.Mom Cost?

How much does TalkBox.Mom cost? There are 2 different tools. The first is our phrasebook. The phrasebook is filled with 1,700 phrases to get your family speaking in a new language today! By itself, it is $35. This single purchase also gives you lifetime access to the native speaker audio companion app.

Our second option is our TalkBox.Mom subscription boxes. Most families purchase the phrasebook with the TalkBox.Mom subscription boxes. Each box is the equivalent of having a native speaker teach you for approximately $750, depending on the language. A TalkBox.Mom box is only $90. For more information on our pricing and even a discount for ordering more than one box at a time click here!


Answered by Sam

  • Purchase just the phrasebook – $35
  • Purchase the subscription box – $90/box, (save $10 on phrasebook if you purchase with first box)
  • If you subscribe and prepay for boxes in bulk you receive a discount (4 boxes at a time makes it $86/box and all 9 makes it $82/box)
  • Your subscription can be paused at anytime. You can take as long as you’d like between boxes.
  • Lifetime access to the Native Speaker audio on our app included
  • Free shipping in the US

To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!


How Much Does TalkBox.Mom Cost?

Answered by Sam

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m here to tell you how much

TalkBox.Mom costs.

So we have two tools for you to use here at TalkBox.Mom.

The first one in it, is our phrasebook.

You can just buy the phrasebook alone.

Our phrasebook has over 1,700 phrases in it, and gives you lifetime

access to the native speaker audio in our TalkBox.Mom

companion app.

The cost of the book alone is $35. Now our second option is

our TalkBox.Mom subscription boxes.

Each box is equivalent to having a tutor come into your home

and teaching your child one-on-one, which would cost you

upwards of $750 depending on which language

you’re learning. Our subscription boxes

however, are only $90 per box.

Now you can get a discount if you buy more boxes at a time.

However, each of those boxes does not come all at once.

So if you were to order three boxes, which equals out to

$86 a box, you wouldn’t get all three at once.

You could still pace them and TalkBox would

ship them at the pace you chose; whether that’s one month,

two months, three months, or you just do one box a year.

It doesn’t matter.

You can work at your own pace.

You can also pause your subscription at any time.

So the other option is to buy all nine boxes at once, and

that works out to $82 a box. Now all our boxes come

with free shipping within the United States, and you also

get a lifetime access to the TalkBox.Mom companion app

and you get that forever.

And it’s wonderful, and you get each subscription as it comes

you gain access to that box in your TalkBox.Mom app.

So, I hope that helps you! And feel free-

If you want to try out TalkBox.Mom

right now.

Click the link below and you can get access to our free ball

challenge. Thanks and have a nice day!

To learn more about the TalkBox.Mom program, click here!

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