Worried about your accent? Read this.

A lot of women have spilled their dark and tainted language learning past with me.

It usually starts with a painful look, then it comes out.

“I can’t speak Spanish because I have an accent.”

“I tried French, but I had an accent.”

“I took German in high school, but I had a terrible accent.”

And then in one step, I help them get over their accents.

The warmth comes back in their faces.

Their slate is clean!

They can now move forward, speaking the language of their dreams with their family.

In fact, I have helped thousands of families to get over their accents in one step, and I would really like to help you if it’s something that is holding you back.

If you are at all worried about your accent when you speak a foreign language, even just a tiny bit, I am here for you!

Or, if you have a friend who is worried, you need to share this with them!

Ok. Are you ready for it?

Step One.

Get over yourself.

I mean it in the most BFFL way possible.

But girl! 

You have to get over yourself!

How many people speak English with an accent?!

With a German accent?

A French accent?

A Texan accent?

What would Wonder Woman be if Gal Godot didn’t have her beautiful Israeli accent? Oh my goodness, I loved it.

What would Modern Family be without Sophia Vergara’s thick accent? It’s part of the plot. It has worked SO well for her. And she owns it.

And where would the world be without Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent saying “Terminator?” So many GIFs that you can literally hear when you look at them… gone.

When I meet someone who has an accent, I do not think, “Ew. Stop talking. You don’t know how to do this.”

I usually think, “Oooooo, where are they from?”


If someone came up to me and asked in a Korean accent where the bathroom is, would I tell them to give up? No, I would tell them where the bathroom is!

Because I am not mean.

But what about the people who are mean?

What about the imaginary people in your head that are going to make fun of you if you speak?

What about your high school teacher who said you were a failure?

What about your native speaking mother-in-law who is constantly correcting you?

What about them?!

You are not living your life for them.

You are living your life for you.

You are living your life to show your kids that even though you are not perfect, you are still going after your dreams.

And you will open your mouth and speak!

Because you don’t care when others have an accent when they speak English, so you are going to give yourself that same grace!

And what about your native speaking MIL? Just remind her that she has an accent when she speaks English, and you freaking love it!

Go out and have fun! Talk, talk, talk in that foreign language!

And when you relax and have a blast, something magical happens:

Your accent gets better.

So channel your inner Wonder Woman and speak a foreign language with your beautiful accent with no apologies!

I want you to share an IG story of you or your child or your husband saying a phrase in the foreign language you are learning with your accent! 

Tag @TALKBOXMOM, so I can repost your story to our stories!

We want to feature accents, and let other moms and dads and kids know that we will not hold back our dreams because of what other people might think! 

Tell everyone why you don’t care that you have an accent. That you are going for your dreams!

Share this message with everyone.

Tag me @TALKBOXMOM in every post if it spills into more than one, so I can share your message on our Instagram!

Go all in and be brave for her: the woman on your feed that is too scared to do something huge… something that will change her and her family members’ lives forever.

When she hears you, YOU, she will think, “Wow, she has come so far or is so brave, and I want to stop holding myself back and go for my dreams.”

What if you haven’t started yet? Then this is the perfect time to go all in! Start our free challenge where you and your kids will start talking in and understanding a foreign language in minutes. Share a phrase you learned from there, and tell everyone why you love your accent!!

I’ll be watching for you on IG.

Let’s change this world. 

Let’s change how many families are bilingual in America by helping women get over this one fear.

Even if it is you for the first time getting over your fear!!

See you in the stories!

I can’t wait!



Founder of TalkBox.Mom

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