Are you working on THIS for summer?

Does your family do activities in the summer even after the school year is finished? I hope so!

Whether it’s reading, practicing an instrument, or drinking coffee, there’s plenty of activities that we do as a family that are totally covered in our Homeschool Phrases in a foreign language. 

And like Courtney says, it’s NOT just for homeschooling or families who homeschool. That’s why it’s perfect for SUMMER! And a total must grab at the price of $29.95!!

The Homeschool Phrases printable is the perfect way to continue learning all summer long without “doing” school.  

You’ll be able to add in phrases to your summer routine, “It’s time to practice the piano,” and “I need my coffee first and then I can help you.” 

And by fall, you’ll be able to easily start your school work while using the foreign language throughout your school day because you started doing these LITTLE things during the summer that make a BIG difference.

Bravo for you doing less to get more results. You summer champion, you. 

Here are some more details, but seriously, click here and grab your copy. You will LOVE it, and the free trainings that come with it.


  • The Homeschool Phrases will have your family speaking in a foreign language throughout your entire school day or after school with your kids! From starting the day with your kids saying, “I need my coffee first!” to them saying, “I finished all my school work.”
  • You’ll have no problem replacing your everyday school conversations in English with foreign language because this guide is completely relatable, mama!


  • There are only three steps to get started.
  • First, get out your guide. Second, say the phrase with the audio. And third, use the phrase with your family!
  • You’ll start talking in a foreign language the same exact day you start. As you have fun and continue to use your phrases, you’ll get even better!


  • Our charts are easy to follow with colorful images, so you can quickly find the phrases that are perfect for your family. 
  • The fun pictures will keep your kids interested, coming back to look at the charts often and ask questions.


  • Immerse yourself further into the Spanish culture by reading about how their education system works.
  • Make it a fun activity by grading papers for the day just like they do in a country where the language is spoken!


  • For everything you’ll find in this printable, you’ll have native speaker audio that you can practice with, which means you’ll be able to sound more and more like a native speaker every time you work through your phrases.
  • Quickly access all the audio in the TalkBox.Mom companion app, so you’ll spend more time talking in your dream foreign language as a family and less time doing busy work or, worse, learning pronunciation incorrectly.


If you’re ready to actually talk in a foreign language this summer while doing your regular activities instead of having a sit down school lesson, get your copy of The Homeschool Phrases here. 



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