Bilingual in Nature Experience

Bilingual in Nature Experience


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Use another language (or ten) on your next nature walk!

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Look through the book and see more details below!

Would you love it if foreign language learning sparked just as much joy and wonder for your child as exploring the outdoors? And felt as good to you as a morning in nature?

Unfortunately for many, learning another language looks like worksheets, screentime, and anxiety that stomp out their child’s natural curiosity and love for learning languages. Plus, the result of all that forced effort and stress tied to a desk is a memorized word (or two) years later.

So instead of starting where languages go to die—grammar drills and vocabulary lists—start where languages come to life: using them with your child in nature.

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With TalkBox.Mom’s Bilingual in Nature Experience, your family will explore nature as you naturally add another language (or ten) to your outdoor adventures, taking care that as your child “learns new words, they are put into sentences and kept in use from day to day,” as Charlotte Mason recommends.

Inside this experience, you’ll learn TalkBox.Mom’s Proven Process so your family will know how to naturally use full sentences to communicate in another language and keep that language in use every single day.

10 Languages in 1

Your child will be able to stay curious as they try up to 10 different languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German 
  • Italian
  • Chinese {Mandarin}
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Hebrew
  • Russian

Yes, all ten languages come in the single Bilingual in Nature Experience with 45+ phrases in each language so you can try as many or as few languages as you would like.


There is native speaker audio for every single phrase, so your family isn’t left guessing how something sounds. That’s right! You won’t be worried if you’re reading the letters wrong or saying silent letters.

You’ll hear each word one word at a time, and then the full phrase, allowing your family to practice every word with the native speaker audio and then say the full phrase when you’re ready!

With the TalkBox.Mom Companion App, you’ll have every phrase at your fingertips and be able to hear a phrase again and again, helping your brain to build a stronger connection.

Why native speakers? Instead of sounding like you walked out of an outdated textbook or like a robot, you’ll hear the natural cadence of the full phrase. Our native speakers want you to speak their language like they do in their homes!

The Result?

Your family will naturally learn about languages from all over the world in a way that keeps your child feeling confident, loved, and curious.

Sign up now to enjoy this experience right from the comfort of your living room and favorite nature trails.

What’s inlcuded?

With TalkBox.Mom’s Bilingual in Nature Experience, you’ll receive:

The Bilingual in Nature physical soft cover guidebook in 10 languages with beautiful watercolor illustrations to capture your child’s interest and take on your nature walks

The Bilingual in Nature app access with the native speaker audio for every single phrase and our easy-to-use system to track the phrases you’re using with your family

A complete and doable “How To guide” so you know exactly how to start

Training videos so you can see exactly how to practice and use another language with your family

A one-year invitation to the TalkBox.Mom Accountability Group so you can continually get support and share your wins throughout your language journey

Special Bonus

If you sign this week, you’ll receive a special invitation to the VIP Practice Group.

Is The Bilingual in Nature Experience Right for Me?

This is RIGHT for

Families (at least one parent and child) that would love talk in and understand another language together!

Families that love exploring nature or would like to start exploring nature together.

Families who would like to try out different languages and see which one or ones they enjoy using together.

Parents who want their child to learn vocabulary and grammar naturally, getting an ear for how proper grammar sounds in that language, which makes it really easy to comprehend formal grammar concepts later.

This is WRONG for

Parents that don’t want to participate in learning or speaking a language with their child.

Families that don’t want to spend time outside together.

TalkBox.Mom families who do NOT want to try another language or have these phrases with illustrations. The phrases are already inside your phrasebook for your language. 🤗

Parents who would rather have their child be stuck learning a language for years by doing grammar and vocabulary drills without a solid foundation of the language.

Here’s What Happens When You Buy:

Immediately you’ll receive an email with all the details and your training series to get started.

Your guidebook is packed and shipped from Dallas, Texas.

Once your guidebook ships, you’ll receive access inside the TalkBox.Mom Companion App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are included?

The languages included in The Bilingual in Nature Experience are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese {Mandarin}, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, and Russian. You can learn to talk in your favorite one or all of them! It’s up to you! But either way, it’ll be a lot of fun! 😃

Are ten languages in one book or are there ten separate books?

All 10 languages are in one super handy, pretty, and packable book! And you have all the native speaker audio handy wherever you are on the TalkBox.Mom Companion app so you can hear how to say a phrase over and over again! 🌻 📖

Can I just get one language?

The Bilingual in Nature Experience comes with all 10 languages. But you don’t have to learn them all!

You can choose to focus on the language of your dreams if you know which one you love! 😍

Or if you don’t, you can try different languages to help you choose the language you’d like to start in the TalkBox.Mom Signature Program! 😃

Or for fun, your family can try a language you’ve never even thought about before as you learn about that country! And who knows? You might fall in love with it. 🤩

Which country is each language from?

Only native speakers work on our program so you don’t sound like you walked out of an outdated textbook. They want you to sound like how they speak their language with their families!

  • Spanish leans towards Mexico.
  • French is from France.
  • German is from Germany. (Hochdeutsch)
  • Italian is from Italy.
  • Chinese {Mandarin} is from mainland China.
  • Japanese if from Japan.
  • Korean is from South Korea.
  • Portuguese is from Brazil.
  • Hebrew is from Israel.
  • Russian is from Russia with team members in Russia and Ukraine.

Which accent does the native speaker have in the audio?

All the audio in our program is from native-speaking women. Your family will love listening and practicing with the audio because their voices are beautiful. 😍

  • Spanish – native speaker from Mexico
  • French – native speaker from France, specifically Paris
  • German – native speaker from Germany
  • Italian – native speaker from Italy, specifically Tuscany (which sounds so beautiful!)
  • Chinese {Mandarin} is a native speaker from China, specifically Beijing
  • Japanese is a native speaker from Japan
  • Korean is a native speaker from South Korea, specifically Seoul
  • Portuguese is a native speaker from Brazil, specifically São Paulo
  • Hebrew is from a native speaker from Israel
  • Russian is from a native speaker from Russia, specifically Moscow

I’m a native speaker. Can I use this?

Absolutely! 😍 The Bilingual in Nature Experience isn’t about how much of the language you know. It’s focused on how much of the language you’re using during family experiences out in nature.🌻 It’s possible to know everything in a language and use nothing with your family.

If you’re not using the language on your family walks in the great outdoors, The Bilingual in Nature Experience will help you to get on the same page as your kids and actually use it. A lot of native speakers use TalkBox.Mom for this.

If you are already using the language and your kids are responding back in the language easily and natively (not translating in their heads), you don’t need this. But you may love to learn one of the other 10 languages that you’ll find in The Bilingual in Nature Experience. You do get all 10 languages! 🥳

Can I gift the Bilingual in Nature Experience to a friend?

Yes! On the checkout page, select “Ship to a different address” and input the gift recipient’s mailing address.

Then after you complete your purchase, please email to get access granted to the gift recipient. Please include the following:

  • Gift Recipient’s First and Last Name
  • Gift Recipient’s email
  • Order confirmation number

I’ve never learned a language. Can I do this?

Absolutely you can! You already learned to speak English! TalkBox.Mom helps you learn your next language exactly like how you learned your first! 🥳 You won’t have to worry about memorizing vocabulary or verb conjugations.😅 All you’ll have to do is find a phrase in the Bilingual in Nature Experience, have fun practicing and repeating the phrase, and then use the phrase as life happens! Before you know it you and your kids will be telling each other to not step in the poop in Korean (or whatever your dream language is)! 💩

How will I know how to say the phrases?

We’ve got you covered! 💪 The Bilingual in Nature Experience includes access to our TalkBox.Mom Companion App where you’ll find native speaker audio for every single phrase in all ten languages. 🙌

The native speaker first says the phrase nice and slow, word by word, and then at normal speed! This makes it easy for your family to repeat and practice with the audio.

And the best part about the app is that it’s like having a native speaker in your pocket at all times! Which means you can bring her with you to practice as you go on adventures. 😉

I already have the phrasebook Use [language name] at Home. Do I need this guide?

If you’ve been thinking about adding another language to your family’s life, then this book is the perfect opportunity to try out ALL or some of the other languages so you can find the next one to start. 🤩 Or you can just have a blast trying the other languages for the fun of it. 😉

But if you think you’ve already found the language of your dreams and are not interested in trying out a new one, then no, you don’t need it. All of the phrases can be found in your phrasebook.

However, if you want these nature phrases all together in one guide with illustrations, this would be a fun addition. 🌳 🏃🏽‍♀️

Can I just download the TalkBox.Mom Companion App and listen to the audio without purchasing the Bilingual in Nature Experience?

All of your TalkBox.Mom purchases are tied to your TalkBox.Mom account. So inside the app, you will only see the programs you have purchased. If you did not purchase The Bilingual in Nature Experience, it will not be in your account.

Will I have instant app access? / I just purchased, and Bilingual in Nature is not showing in my app.

Your access to Bilingual in Nature will appear in your app once your product has shipped. When you receive your shipping notification email, you will then see the access in your account.

Ready to Use Another Language in Nature?

Instead of stomping out your child’s natural curiosity to learn languages by drilling with worksheets, connect with your child in nature and watch them grow in their confidence as they use new languages with you.

Sign up for only $37 today and by this time next week your family could be using another language together in nature!

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