Click the video below to hear the native speaker audio.


Ask the person holding the ball to roll it to you.

Do this until it’s just too easy.


Say to your family, “We are going to roll the ball to each other. Show me how you roll a ball to someone.”

“Let’s hear how to say it in Korean. We will repeat after she talks.”

Listen to the phrase and repeat after she talks.

“If someone says, ‘gong gool-lyeo. (공 굴려.), or gong gool-lyeo-joo-seh-yo. (공 굴려주세요.),’ you roll the ball to them. Say, ‘gong gool-lyeo. (공 굴려.), or gong gool-lyeo-joo-seh-yo.(공 굴려주세요.),’ and I’ll roll the ball to you.”

Continue rolling the ball while saying the phrase until it becomes so easy!

Don’t worry about how your child pronounces the phrase. It will get better over time. Just replay the audio to help.

When someone forgets how to say the phrase, say, “Let’s play the phrase again. It’s okay to listen to it as many times as you want. There is no such thing as cheating here.”

When this becomes just so easy, go to the next step.