The 5-Day Challenge

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Do these words describe your family when it comes to working towards your second language goals?

Intentional. Consistent. Confident. Excited.

If not, by the end of next Friday (Aug 18), they absolutely can be.

Join us for a transformative 5-Day Challenge starting Monday! Each day, you’ll be armed with a mini mission designed to help your family tackle obstacles head-on. Dive into tangible changes each day by applying what you learn in your daily practice session, propelling your family towards language success.

Each day’s mini mission will feature:

  • a 5 to 10-minute live video lesson by Adelaide, the creator of TalkBox.Mom. She’ll provide clear direction and your action step for the day’s mini-mission. (Missed the live? Don’t worry, we’ll send you a recording!)
  • a short Q&A after the training to answer any questions or address what might get in your way
  • two specific phrases for your practice session to use as you complete your mini-mission (These phrases will come from your current box. If you do not have the box, then your phrasebook.)
  • a one-page PDF to guide you through the shifts you and your family need to challenge yourselves to make to embrace growth

Here’s the schedule and what you can expect for your mini-mission each day.

  • Day 1: Slice through self-inflicted inadequacies and squash the “not ready yet” mentality.
  • Day 2: Shield against moving finish lines and stop the motivation leak.
  • Day 3: Strip away pressure-packed goals and escape the perfectionist pitfall.
  • Day 4: Smash negative self-talk and kick procrastination to the curb.
  • Day 5: Shatter overwhelm and move others’ opinions out of your way.

The Live Training Calls will be Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM CT. They will be recorded if you aren’t able to attend live. If you homeschool, they’ll be an excellent part of your homeschool day.

Adelaide’s wise and lighthearted approach to pedagogy has taught me how to be the teacher and the mother I dream of being. My children are all now totally on board (they weren’t at first!), we’re learning every day and loving the whole experience, and basically I couldn’t be happier.

– Isabella Leake –

Join our 5-Day Challenge to take your foreign language experience to the next level and connect as a family.

Taking a little time each day next week to intentionally transform your learning environment for your child to thrive as well as up-leveling your own mindset will make a huge impact on every Phrase Practice Session you do for the rest of the year. Plus, your ability to learn and connect with your child will increase.

It’s an absolute must to complete this challenge at the beginning of the school year if you dream of a learning environment at home that inspires your child and has them asking for more.


Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM CT

The live trainings will be recorded and emailed to you that same day. No sweat if you’re in Australia. We’ve got you covered.

10 minutes.

You’ll apply what you learn during your regular phrase practice session time and throughout the rest of the day as you use your phrases.

Absolutely. In the 5-Day Challenge, we’re focusing on how you’re holding yourself back and helping you to make major shifts emotionally and mentally to break those chains.

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