What do you think about TalkBox.Mom?

I love following your success as you talk in a foreign language with your family! And I am so excited that you want to help other families by sharing your story. I also want to thank you for helping to support my small business by sharing how TalkBox.Mom has helped you!

I have some questions via video that I’d like to ask you. You can record your 1-minute answers in a video back to me. It’s super easy, think MarcoPolo, FaceTime, or video chat from your phone (or computer). It will take 5 minutes of your time.

We will use your video response to share with families how they can benefit from choosing TalkBox.Mom! (And not waste their money and time trying to learn single vocab words and grammar rules. Save the families!)

Click the button to get started.

Example Video:

  • Frame yourself in the video with a little bit of room above your head
  • Stand with a window in front of you for daylight
  • Check your background for your kid’s dirty underwear 🤪