Social Media Manager Position

community-managerPosition Overview

The mission of the Social Media Manager is to increase leads and sales from social media channels by pitching on-brand post ideas, taking the ideas all the way through production, posting them according to the production schedule, and engaging in comments and DMs.

The Social Media Manager will be a key member of our marketing team and will work closely with the Marketing Director, the CEO, and the CEO’s assistant.


  • This is a full-time, 40 hours per week role. For this role, you’ll need to live in or near Dallas, Texas and work in our office in Farmers Branch, Texas (635 + 35E).
  • You’ll have the ability to work from home 1-2 days per week.
  • Typical hours for this role are 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday; on occasion there is a need to work additional hours on evenings and weekends during a launch or other events throughout the year.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Social Media Manager will have the following primary areas of responsibilities:

Campaign Creation: We have multiple product promotions throughout the year and ongoing marketing initiatives, and we will have you create a social media campaign for each project that helps spike engagement and turns our raving fans into customers.

  • Being self-driven and using your creative freedom within the campaign and brand guidelines to pitch, create, and execute plans
  • Coordinating with the product development team for product assets
  • Reporting on KPIs and project completion to the Marketing Director

Content Creation – Written Captions & Post Copy: From campaign ideation to creation of the content and deploying the strategy.

  • Writing engaging and on-brand copy for social posts and video scripts (for Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories)

Content Creation – Graphics, Photos, and Videos: From campaign ideation to creation of the content and deploying the strategy.

  • Designing engaging, on-brand graphics, photos, and videos for our social media channels
  • Coordinating all pre-production, including storyboards, locations, props, talent, etc.
  • Coordinating schedules for social media video and photoshoots with team members, especially our CEO’s executive assistant
  • Batch producing content efficiently
  • Ensuring all post production for social media posts is completed

Social Media Growth: You will be focused on increasing engagement, followers, comments, likes, shares, etc. with the ultimate goal of driving leads and sales.

  • Our primary social channel is Instagram
  • Our secondary social channel is Facebook
  • In the new future, we may decide to add additional social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Brand Management: Keeping our brand and voice consistent across our channels. We are looking for someone with ideas and management skills to make sure everything gets done.

  • Representing the TalkBox.Mom brand correctly on each channel
  • Editing and scheduling all content that is to posted on all platforms
  • Optimizing keywords and SEO for specific platforms so content can rank

Analytics & Tracking: Studying our numbers monthly and coming up with ideas to improve our performance.

  • Tracking key metrics for each channel and reporting to leadership
  • Using metrics to identify trends, areas of improvement, and areas of expansion

Learning new trends & staying up to date: The social media world changes so quickly and part of your job will be to stay up to date with the absolute latest trends so we can implement them quickly.

Community Management: Engaging with comments, helping solve customer service related issues and making sure that our customers are well taken care of or directed to the person that can help them.

  • Coordinating with our direct message sales team on managing the social media “inboxes”
  • Responding and engaging with all comments

Promote Products Organically Through Social: Create strategies and content plans to sell company products.

  • Subtly engaging following and encourage sales
  • Tracking sales through social channels

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Number of new leads per channel
  • Number of post saves, shares, and new followers

Skills and Abilities

Ideation, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Photo & Video Editing: The Social Media Manager must be able to come up with the ideas for social media posts and have the graphic design as well as photo and video skills to make it a beautiful reality.

Taking Direction & Maintaining Alignment: The Social Media Manager will need to collaboratively pitch ideas and, as needed, rework pitches to achieve alignment based on feedback. Then they will need to keep that alignment all the way through execution.

Social Media Strategies: The Social Media Manager will need to understand how to succeed on social media channels, especially Instagram and Facebook.

Great Copy and Storytelling: The Social Media Manager needs to write high converting copy that inspires and drives leads to take action and become customers. All of their copy, videos, graphics, and photos need to tell our story in a compelling way that stays on-brand.

Top Organizational Skills: The Social Media Manager must be able to come up with systems, guidelines, and methodologies to get tasks done in an effective and timely manner. They must have strong organizational skills to help keep company resources organized so that our systems can run smoothly, especially during tight deadlines. (Including the organized use of Google Drive folders and—our project management system.)

Team Player: In addition to working directly with the Director of Marketing, the Social Media Manager will also work with team members that are in the office and remote. They’ll need to be able to collaborate and communicate well with these team members, maintaining a can-do spirit and avoid making excuses or gossiping.

Previous Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in communication, marketing, and/or business or equivalent working experience
  • 1-5 years of proven experience in communications, content marketing, or related field
  • Experience creating and executing marketing campaigns and programs that drive customer engagement and advocacy

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please respond to by Wednesday August 31, 2022 with the following details:

  • Step #1: Take your personality assessment here:
  • Step #2: Email with…
    • Your Assessment results from step #1
    • Your resume
    • 3-5 sentences on why we should hire you
    • Links to or samples of content you have created
    • Please use the subject, “Social Media Manager” in the email

If you’ve got talent burning a hole in your pocket, wishing your job really made use of your skills, you might be just the person we are looking for.

Want to learn a little bit more about us? Keep reading!

What We Do

At TalkBox.Mom, we help families to start talking in a foreign language the exact same day they start. Our mission here is life changing results. Not only do we change our families’ current and future opportunities by helping them to use a new language in their lives but we also help our families to be more goal focused, exude more confidence, and have a stronger, happier bond as a family.

In everything we do at TalkBox.Mom, we aim to inspire confidence and action. Our signature program is our subscription boxes with native speaker audio in our companion app, which guide our family through a proven framework to use a language every single day in their home.

Meet Adelaide

You might know Adelaide Olguin from speaking at the Great Homeschool Conventions and other educational conferences, or from the TalkBox.Mom program and webinars she offers to help families to start talking in a foreign language. To learn more about our fearless leader, check out the details here.

Our Team Values

  • Relentless Wow: In all our work, our goal is to widely exceed the expectations of our team and customers through high-quality, detail-oriented, and customer-centric innovation with a focus on data and improvement.
  • Total Ownership: When we fail, we own it, resolve it, learn the lesson to avoid it in the future and always focus on getting it right instead of being right.
  • Unwavering Integrity: We tell the truth, do what’s right, and honor our commitments even when inconvenient or embarrassing.
  • Enthusiastic Collaboration: We are prepared to contribute with a positive attitude without skipping steps, to respectfully give and receive constructive criticism to reach our goals, and to always prioritize what is best for TalkBox.Mom and our TalkBox.Mom families.
  • Continuously Deepen Expertise: In our roles, we never stop striving to improve our skills through professional trainings, books, and the guidance of experts; we constantly improve ourselves, our operations, and our products.
  • Working from Intentional Rest: We intentionally set a schedule for our work, keeping it transparent and up to date, as well as intentionally but privately set a schedule for our personal life, which allows us to come to work invigorated and ready to make our greatest contributions.
  • Good Food and Fun: We allow fun to shine through our work, so our customers can feel it!

Team TalkBox.Mom Perks

Did we forget to mention all of the TalkBox.Mom perks? We’re fast-paced and rapidly growing. Our small but mighty team is full of talented and motivated individuals who enjoy coming into work. But these awesome perks help just a little too:

The Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation and paid time-off, along with ample company paid holidays.
  • Never working on your birthday again! Hit the beach or the spa, we don’t care what you do, just don’t come to work!

The Team:

What can we say? We really like each other! We like to work hard and play hard!

The Culture:

Forget the traditional corporate culture. Adelaide left that behind years ago for a reason and has created something entirely different! Have a question? Have an emergency? At TalkBox.Mom, we’re all family and here to support you however we can!

The Development:

Something you’ve always wanted to learn? We offer annual professional and personal development opportunities, so let us know where you want be, and we’ll send you there!