Fluency Manual for Spanish: The Snacks & Kitchen Box

Fluency Manual for Spanish: The Snacks & Kitchen Box



Finished the Snacks & Kitchen box? Go deeper with the Fluency Companion!

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Spanish: The Snacks & Kitchen Box
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Have you laid the groundwork for fluency with The Snacks & Kitchen Box by using the phrases in your home and now you’d love to build on these phrases with reading, writing, transcription, and formal grammar to go even deeper?

If so, the Fluency Companion which includes the Fluency Workbook and the Fluency Manual takes you from using specific phrases in your home to working on the reading, writing, and transcription for those phrases. From there, we take those same phrases that your family is now extremely familiar with both in speaking, reading, and writing to help you think through the grammar principles in them. By combining an interactive and inductive teaching method, you’ll find your family understands grammar more intuitively and that it’s more effective than deductive teaching methods that teach a full grammar concept in-depth before any examples as this leads to sub-par literacy skills in adulthood.

Scripts to help you teach


  • Dive right in and start teaching pronunciation, copy work, transcription, and grammar right away! All the instructions are written as scripts that you can read directly to your student.
  • We guide you through each step and let you know exactly where to go at every moment so all you have to worry about is your journey towards fluency!



  • Demystify grammar concepts with phrases you're already using! When you're done completing each activity with phrases you already know, we've prepared ready-to-teach grammar lessons for you.
  • Learning grammar doesn't have to be boring and overwhelming. The lessons you will be teaching are interactive and use concrete examples both in English and in Spanish to help your student have a better understanding of how the language works.


  • Find easily all the answers to the activities.
  • Figure out quickly and easily where to find the phrases in the app.
  • Update text


  • All the phrases, which are from the Snacks & Kitchen Box, have been gathered in one place so you can easily access all the native speaker audio you need to complete the activities.
  • The audio has been re-recorded to match specifically the examples from the activities and the pacing for each layer.

A Closer Look

  • Layer 1: Listening & Talking
    In the Listening & Talking Layer, you will be listening to sounds, writing down what they sound like to you, learning more about how to pronounce that sound, then practicing repeating it. In the manual, we take you through each step from listening to the audio in the app to writing down what you hear and finding the answer key. We will also give you useful tips to hear and sound out the sounds better.
  • Layer 2: Reading & Copywork
    In the Reading & Copywork Layer, your student will be drawing a scene after hearing and reading a dialogue, then practicing copying the phrases from that dialogue. In the manual, we take through each step from finding and listening to the phrases in the app and reading the scene in the workbook, to drawing a picture, copying the phrases, and identifying and correcting mistakes. All this according to the pacing that suits you best! You will also find the answer key to check how many people could be saying each phrase in the drawing.
  • Layer 3: Dictation
    In the Dictation Layer, your student will be writing down the same dialogue phrases they've been practicing copying in Layer 2, but this time, they will write them down as they hear them without any examples to copy from. In the manual, we take you through each step from finding and listening to the phrases in the app, to helping your student identify their mistakes and correcting them. You will also find the answer key so you can easily check spelling and grammar without having to leaf through the workbook!
  • Layer 4: Grammar
    In the Grammar Layer, your student will be completing fun activities with the phrases they've been working on in the two previous layers. These activities are meant to help them start paying attention to the different patterns we've exposed them to during copywork and dictation by mixing and matching phrases. In the manual, we take you as always through each step from completing the activity, to teaching the related grammar lesson using fun, interactive, and relatable examples in both English and Spanish so your student doesn't feel overwhelmed. You will also find the answer key with all the right answers to the activity, as well as suggestions to go further and make the most out of the activity and your box!

Who is this right for?

  • Families who are actively using Box 1 phrases as life happens.
  • People who have reached the point where they don’t need to translate the phrases in English.

Who is this wrong for?

  • Families who are not actively using Box 1 phrases as life happens.
  • Babies & toddlers under school age.
  • People who are still translating the phrases in English in their head.

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