What is the TalkBox.Mom Academy?

I’m super excited to talk to you about the TalkBox.Mom Academy! It’s only for TalkBox.Mom families. As you know, we have nine core boxes— they go in a specific order because as you get to the end, there’s no more English on the pages. They definitely increase in their intensity.

However, there’s no beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. We work off language fluency layers. If you’re not familiar with these layers, they’re in a video and an article that I’ve linked here for you. I definitely recommend checking that out for a better understanding of how to become fluent.

Our boxes focus a lot on the listening and talking layers. In the video, you’ll also see how to use your boxes to focus on the other layers: reading, copy work, dictation, grammar, and free writing. In the Academy, we’ll also have language fluency packets that you can use to hold your hand a little bit more. You still have everything you need inside the boxes to go through these layers, but if you want a little bit more help going through them, the language fluency packets are there for you.

The TalkBox.Mom Academy is getting new challenges in it every year. Right now, your language might have a little bit, or your language might have a lot. You’ll see new things appearing in it as we work through that. I’m really excited about seeing this increase over the years, so that you’ll have lots of different interest-based challenges that you can work through in addition to the language fluency packets. The TalkBox.Mom Academy is made for families to have even more opportunities in their foreign language.

If you’re using TalkBox.Mom for high school, I recommend checking out our how-to article and video; you’ll see that you don’t have to do the Academy, but you can work through these language fluency layers to get your high school credit.

Thank you so much for letting me tell you about the Academy. I’m so happy for your family to be talking in a foreign language!

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