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14 Nov: Hebrew Phrase of the Day! I am finished.

My boys love Saturday mornings! They love watching cartoons, but they have to get their chores done first. Most Saturdays, they wake up extra early, get dressed, water the plants, get their load of laundry started, and empty the dishwasher before I even roll out of bed, so they can have the max amount of time watching cartoons. They each whisper to my sleeping body, “I’m finished,” which I kind of hear, and then they run to turn on the TV. Have your kids use the phrase, “I am finished,” the next time they finish up their chores too! Tell me… what chores do your kids do and what are their ages?

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25 Sep: Hebrew Phrase of the Day! Let’s eat a snack.

Well, I feel like I don’t even need to give an explanation as to why this phrase is prefect for a day of swimming. It’s usually about 4 minutes after being in the water when the boys begin asking for snacks! There’s just something about the water that makes kids so hungry!

Because of this my favorite place to go swimming is on the west coast of Mexico a bit above the boarder of Guatamala. My favorite beach so far is there. It has an incredible reef 20 feet from the shore, and the restaurants are right on the sand. They will hook you up with reclining beach chairs and umbrellas with little tables for your food. Nolan will just lie in the shade, ordering virgin piña coladas (piñadas), chips and guacamole, and French fries while we swim in the crystal clear water. 😂 It’s the best.

I think your kids will be quick to use today’s phrase, “Let’s eat a snack,” when they’re playing outside in the water!

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22 Jul: Hebrew of the Day! Is everyone buckled

Today’s phrases is something we say more often than we realize. In a traditional foreign language curriculum, this is not a phrase that would be top priority on the grammar list, and yet, as Moms, we say this all the time. How often have you spent minutes just sitting in the parking lot at Target just waiting for your kid to buckle their seat belt? For me, that’s just enough time to sneak another bite of the chocolate I snagged in the checkout line while the kids were busy asking for the little toys at the end of the aisle. I hope this phrase, “Is everyone buckled?” will come in handy on your next Target run!