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24 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! Use your shovel to dig in the sand.

What’s your child’s favorite tool to dig in the sand? My older boys are past settling for sticks and plastic shovels. They want the real deal to make some serious creations or holes. The baby is just happy to be along for the ride and will use whatever they hand him. 😂 You can use today’s phrase, “Use your shovel to dig in the sand,” the next time you are at the beach!

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14 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! What kind of pet do you have?

It’s pet week!! That’s right! We get to say phrases that are most often used with pets. “What kind of pet do you have?” is the perfect ice breaker when visiting new friends. We don’t have a pet right now, but my kids would LOVE a cat or a dog that Hector would really not like to have.

Because most people have dogs or cats, this week’s phrases will be about them. If you are fun family with chickens, lizards, hamsters, or other animals, check out the $35 phrasebook to use those animals in phrases in the language of your choice!

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07 Sep: German Phrase of the Day! You need to get dressed.

Are you guys getting back into school mode yet? We usually start school in August, but I don’t actually tell them that school ended. They don’t really know that’s a thing, so we keep working through summer but at a lighter pace. But! I’m totally ready for our new focus as we officially start the school year this month!

So to get in the school spirit, this week’s Phrase of the Day is focusing on Back to School phrases! Here’s the real question: for the homeschooling families do you make your kids get dressed for school?! We encouraged it in the video, but no judgment here.

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06 Aug: German Phrase of the Day! It’s time to take your medicine.

When my kids are sick, I am glued to the clock, making sure I give medicine at the right time. And because sometimes it tastes so good or he hurts so much, Darian asks for it again and again until I can finally tell him, “It’s time it’s to take your medicine.” But for Nolan… he rather die than take medicine. I’ve lied him down with my legs on his arms and his head between my legs to force him to take medicine, and he will volcano it back up. Maybe he is meant to be a spy that saves his own life by refusing poison, but there is no way to get that boy to take medicine. It’s a battle! How are your kids about taking medicine when they need it?

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24 Jul: German Phrase of the Day! I already said, “No.”

What is that one thing you know your kids will ask for while out running errands? My boys always ask for those big, round lollipops at Home Depot, and I don’t want to buy them. Cavities are expensive, right?! For as frustrating as it can be when our kids to beg, at least now you will have the opportunity to turn it into a language learning moment! I’m sure your kids will enjoy hearing you say, “I already said ‘No,'” in a second language just as much as they love hearing it in English! ha! 🙃

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16 Jul: German Phrase of the Day! The lake is so beautiful!

Mmmmm. A hot day, and a beautiful lake. What a perfect combo. I’m totally the kind of person that says, “The lake is so beautiful,” like a hundred times as we’re out having fun. Especially since for the last couple months my view has been the living room, family room, and kitchen. 😂

Oh, to be able to travel internationally again! The MOST beautiful lake I ever saw was on a business trip with the co-founder of Miche Bag. Do you remember those purses that you could switch off the cover and have a different exterior on your purse? Well, like ten years ago, Annette Cavaness and I had a meeting in Lugano, Switzerland, so we drove from Munich all the way there. As we came out of a tunnel, there were huge cliffs jetting down until they hit the most beautiful lake. I had and have never seen a prettier landscape. It took our breath away. I would love to be able to go there again and just sit and stare at it as the cool air blows on my face… and eat a butter pretzel.

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09 Jun: German Phrase of the Day! I’m coming!

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Mine is swimming in crystal a crystal clear ocean and eating chips and guacamole on a beach chair under an umbrella. Hector and I love this because there’s no phone reception, no distractions, just my family and guacamole. Since starting my business 6 years ago, I’ve worked incredible hard to structure my business in a way…