Phrase of the Day

Blog 34.4

10 Dec: Italian Phrase of the Day! You’re missing a sock.

My boys have a strong morning routine. They use getting dressed phrases together all the time! Nolan struggles with socks and shoes. If we’re ready to go and he doesn’t have his shoes on, he’ll just leave the house without them! When I see him starting to struggle with one sock, I need to jump in quit to help before it causes more problems. lol Your kids can use today’s phrase, “You’re missing a sock,” as they help each other get ready!

Blog 34.3

09 Dec: Japanese Phrase of the Day! You’re wearing the same shirt.

Hands up: do you have a child who is in LOVE with some Disney character or super hero? Do they have that one shirt that they can’t seem to take off? It’s amazing how kids can wear the same thing over and over and over again with no concern at all. Ha! Well, you can use today’s phrase, “You’re wearing the same shirt,” the next time the your child think the best shirt option is yesterday’s shirt!

Blog 33.4

03 Dec: French Phrase of the Day! The bus is coming.

“The bus is coming,” works well with yesterday’s phrase! It’s always a fine balance between being early for the bus but not being so early that you stand around waiting forever! We used to take the bus all the time when we were living in Europe. Their public transportation system is very well organized, so we enjoyed taking it!

Have you gone on a trip abroad and used their public transportation system? How did it go?

Blog 33.2

01 Dec: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Let’s go on a walk.

While in Lisbon, we lived next to a castle! We could walk by it whenever we wanted and learn all about the religious conflicts from that time period! It was an amazing experience living so close to such an incredible place filled with rich history! I could have totally used today’s phrase, “Let’s go on a walk,” while we were there. You might not live near a castle here in the United States 😜 but you can still use this phrase the next time you head out with your family!

32.3 Blog

25 Nov: Romanian Phrase of the Day! This is my favorite game.

My favorite game to do with family or friends are escape rooms! It’s just so much fun to figure things out and solve a mystery! In another life, I’d love to be a race car driver or someone who solves crimes. Because those 2 things totally fit the personality of someone who loves foreign language? 😆🤷‍♀️ Use the phrase, “This is my favorite game,” the next time it’s game night at your house!

Tell me… what’s your favorite game to play with friends or family? I’d love to hear some fun ideas!

32.1 Blog

23 Nov: French Phrase of the Day! Let’s play a game.

This week, we’re practicing phrases that we use when playing games together! Although Hector isn’t super into board games, he does a great job about playing them anyway. Nolan will play Monopoly for hours if we let him! And it’s so hard to let him!! lol Sometimes Hector has to call the game because it’s taking so long! Use this phrase, “Let’s play a game,” the next time you want to play a game! And how about you: are you a board game family? Or are you not a fan like Hector?