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03 Aug: French Phrase of the Day! I think I am getting sick

Do you want to see me totally struggle with a new phrase in a foreign language I don’t know?! Then watch today’s Phrase of the Day video. Hahaha! French is a super different language for me. Our family speaks in German and Spanish to each other every single day. Definitely not French! But I would like too!

You may think that owning a language company means I am some linguist genius, but that is not that case! I am just a normal mom like you, who wanted to make learning a second language fun and actually happen for my kids! We all start out in the kind of overwhelmed phase of “How am I ever going to sound like a native?!” Just take it one day at a time, one phrases at a time, one word at a time! And you’ll totally see a difference overtime—especially if you’re having fun and not stressing!

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01 Aug: Italian Phrase of the Day! Do you want some water?

Have you seen the water wall art videos going around Facebook? Kids pose against an outside wall, and you spray them with a hose. They walk away, and what’s left is the dry outline of where they were standing. The kids love seeing their outline! It’s the simple pleasures in life, right? Well, while you’re out playing in the water, you can make sure your kids are drinking water too! Use today’s phrase to ask, “Do you want some water?” to either spray them down with a hose (sound like something Dad would like to do, ha!) or if you’re handing them a water bottle. If you do the water wall, tag me in it! I’d love to see it!

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31 Jul: French Phrase of the Day! I need a Band-Aid®

No trip to the playground is complete without someone needing a Band-Aid, am I right?! Kids and the elderly love those Band-Aids.

Note that in some languages there is a distinction between a child saying it and an adult. I opted to use the phrase that kids would say. This phrase is also a fun one to say for those kids who love playing doctor at home on their stuffed animals! What character do your kids want on their Band-Aid? I bought the Costco pack of Band-Aids, and it’s been pretty boring. Now that we’re running out, I’m thinking about adding a little more fun to our Band-Aids.

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28 Jul: German Phrase of the Day! Let’s go down the slide.

I have noticed that once my kids have caught on to some foreign language phrases, they like saying them to their friends as well. It’s just like when they talk about some cool new fact they learned in history; they want to share in their language learning as well. Today’s fun phrase, “Let’s go down the slide,” is a great one to work on with friends!

Have your kids and their friends say this to each other as they take turns going down the slide! Your friends might not be in the same language learning mode as you, but I know that kids love picking up new things! Even if it’s a single phrase. Plus, if the do end up loving it, you can give them your affiliate code to save $15 on the first box and phrasebook, and you’ll get $15 off your next box! Take a peek in your account to grab your code. 👏

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27 Jul: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Stay where I can see you.

Work hard, play harder. That’s my motto! We are well into summer, and after this completely abnormal school year, I am thankful to be playing hard with the kids. This week is dedicated to having fun at the park! I love to have fun as long as the kids are safe… because they do some pretty crazy stuff. We’re starting this week off with one of the first things I say when we arrive at the park, “Stay where I can see you.”

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25 Jul: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Go in the elevator.

Poll time! What do your kids like more: elevator or escalator? There’s always a favorite. Escalators are cool, and my kids like how dangerous they feel: will I get off in time before the step collapses?! But elevators… they have buttons to fight over! hahah Today, elevators win with the phrase, “Go in the elevator.” If you have the $35 phrasebook, go check out the phrase, “Who wants to push the button?” to talk even more while running errands in the foreign language of your choice!

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24 Jul: German Phrase of the Day! I already said, “No.”

What is that one thing you know your kids will ask for while out running errands? My boys always ask for those big, round lollipops at Home Depot, and I don’t want to buy them. Cavities are expensive, right?! For as frustrating as it can be when our kids to beg, at least now you will have the opportunity to turn it into a language learning moment! I’m sure your kids will enjoy hearing you say, “I already said ‘No,'” in a second language just as much as they love hearing it in English! ha! 🙃

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23 Jul: Italian of the Day! Look out the window!

The struggle is real when it comes to electronics in the car. We have just one store to go to, but Nolan won’t stop asking to play on my phone! Do you feel me on this one? I say, “Look out the window,” just like we all had to when we were kids! Do you play I Spy or Mary, Mary Bumble Bee with your kids while running errands? What tips do you have for me to keep my boys looking out the window and not asking for electronics?