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30 Dec: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! You are so smart.

Do your kids have a hard time not comparing themselves to each other? It can be hard for my boys to do school together. They are close in age, but Nolan picks up math lightening fast even though he’s younger. If Darian was with other kids his age, he’d see he’s not behind in math. But with a 7 year old beating him at division, it can be hard to see that. I tell Darian all the time that every person has different strengths, but he can still get frustrated. I use this phrase, “You are so smart,” to let him know that he IS smart even though it’s hard for him to see that at times. What’s something that your child is really good at? Darian’s would be talking and negotiating.

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28 Dec: French Phrase of the Day! Looks great!

Thanksgiving may be over, but let’s continue to focus on being thankful by using words of encouragement! This holiday season may look very different for many of us. We may not be able to change our circumstances, but we can help each other to stay positive. Use today’s phrase, “Looks great,” while you do Christmas crafts this week or take family pictures together!

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25 Dec: Japanese Phrase of the Day! What’s that smell?

“What’s that smell,” could be said two very different ways! Ha! I hope the GOOD way was used yesterday for Thanksgiving!
But the bad way… Man, have you ever burned popcorn in the microwave? That smell is the worst!! A friend of mine had to throw their microwave away after one of their kids burned popcorn in it. They couldn’t get the horrible smell out—no matter what they tried!

Whichever way you use this phrase, add it to your daily conversation!

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18 Dec: French Phrase of the Day! Yummy!

On Monday, I went to out to lunch by myself. There’s a few restaurants I like that my family hates, so I drove over to the Olive Garden by myself. lol

Do you ever do that as a mom? You just decide you need a meal alone? It happens once in a blue moon, but that quiet lunch with no one talking to me gave me exactly what my mind needed. After lunch, I was ready to be present for work and my kids. But when those bread sticks hit my table, all I could say was, “Yummy!”

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11 Dec: French Phrase of the Day! Put your shoes on.

“Put your shoes on,” has to be one of the number one phrases all moms say all. the. time. You’d think it would get easier as the kids get older, but a friend of mine has a pre-teen daughter, who she says, takes SO long to pick out her shoes because they have to match her outfit * perfectly.* All I know is that before having kids, I did not consider the amount of time I’d spend telling my kids to just get their shoes on! 😆