Phrase of the Day

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26 Oct: Spanish Phrase of the Day! Would you like to read together?

We live right across from our local library, and it has been so fun to follow the river to the library and check out new books! Of course, COVID changed that for a while, but we’re thankful to have it close by! This week’s phrases are all about reading together–probably one of the most popular past times of many families I know! To start of the week, use the phrase, “Would you like to read together?” the next time you are ready for reading time!

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24 Oct: Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Did you have a nice nap?

“Did you have a nice nap?” is a question that goes both ways! Of course you can use this with your little one after they wake up. But also, are you a parent who naps? Both Hector and I love to get a nap in when we can (which isn’t often!). The boys know that if they wake me up from a nap, their electronics time is over. So they’ve learned to be extra quiet when I am sleeping, so they can have extra movie or video game time!

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23 Oct: Italian Phrase of the Day! The baby is finally asleep.

On Monday, I shared with you how Darian wouldn’t lie down for a nap. He would only nap on the go. But our baby is totally the opposite. He will not sleep on the go! But we can just lay him down, walk away from the room, and he’ll fall asleep right away. It’s a sweet treat after Darian and Nolan! Ha! Use the phrase, “The baby is finally asleep,” during the next nap time time while talking with your older kiddos or spouse!

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20 Oct: Korean Phrase of the Day! I love my stuffed animal.

Are your kids stuffed animal junkies?! Nolan played on his own a lot, he’s a naturally independent kid. He preferred to hang out by himself when he was preschool age. We told him he should try and make some friends. Some time after that, he received a stuffed animal, a fox, and named it Friend. He said to me, “Now I have a friend, and I don’t have to play with anybody.” We were so flabbergasted we didn’t know what to say! Hahah!

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19 Oct: French Phrase of the Day! It’s time for your nap.

Oh my gosh. Darian was the worst napper! He was born with so much energy! When he was in preschool, the teacher said that the kids napped every day. I let them know that Darian probably wouldn’t nap, but they were convinced they could get him to nap. Two days later, they let me know Darian couldn’t stay for nap time. Ha! He simply wasn’t tired and would wake up the other kids.

Oh well! Having a lot of energy is a great thing, and I can’t wait to see how that plays out for him as an adult! For now, if you have a kiddo who can actually nap, use the phrase, “It’s time for your nap,” the next time you lay them down!