Teach kids French at Home to say, “Push me on the swing”. Phrase of the Day!


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Happy Saturday!! I hope you are headed out to barbecue and, maybe even, sit by the pool in this wonderful heat! Kids seem to be able to gobble up their food in 2 minutes flat and then start asking dad for all sorts of things! “Push me on the swing”, “Can you make me a smore?”, “Help me up into the tree!” The list goes on and on of kids running from one thing to the next. Use this phrase, “Let me finish eating”, the next time your kids are speeding along, and you’re wanting to actually taste the food you’re eating!

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Tomorrow is Father’s Day!

And this week we have been doing phrases that Dads say, specifically,

Darian’s dad, my husband, and if you want to follow along for

free, you can get our foreign language calendar.

Just DM or comment, and we’ll send that over to you in

the language of your choice.

Today’s phrase is something that my husband says all the

time, and it is, “Let me finish eating.”

So, if that resonates with you, then this is a great phrase

to do.

Darian and I are going to do it in one language, but you

can follow along, if you have the $35 phrasebook, in the language

of your choice.

Okay, let me show- -Today we’re doing…
-I can do it in the book.

So first you want to always make it look right,

then you want to go here, and perfect.
Just read. I can read

this for etern… You know he’s being silly because it’s upside

down. Okay, to get to this phrase,

“Let me finish eating,” you’re going to go to eat, and then or “E”

and then you’re going to head over to
“Eat,” and let’s do, “Let

me finish eating,” in French.
“Laisse” “Laisse”

“moi” “moi”

“finir” “finir” “de” “de” “manger.” “manger.”

Let’s do that again because we need the people at home to

be able to hear this phrase, Darian.

You’re being a… here by me

Okay. You’re being a little loud.

Let’s try that one more time.

You ready?

Let’s high-five it. Get in the spirit.
One more time.

Do not hit my face. Do not hit my face.
I’m trying to look at them, like, direct hit.

It was going to be like, it was going to be like this.

Yeah, yeah, that’s not what I want.

Okay, here we go.

“Let me finish eating.”
“Laisse” “Laisse”

“moi” “moi”
“finir” “finir” “de” “de” “manger.” “manger.”

“Laisse-moi finir de manger.”

“Laisse-moi finir de manger.”

“Laisse-moi finir de manger.”



No, sorry.

I added some German in there. “Laisse-moi” “Laisse-moi” “finir” “finir”

“de manger.”
“Laisse-moi finir de manger.”

Now, we don’t do French at home.

We want to, so this is us giving it our best go. When you’re

starting out

you can’t hear all the sounds being said,

so you definitely want to be super positive about it, and

I was really excited for you trying it, Darian. That was great.


No. Oh, you’re going to say,
“Let me finish eating?”

“Laisse-moi finir de manger.”

“Laisse-moi” “Laisse-moi”

“finir” “finir” “de manger.” “de manger.”

And then I’ll eat you. No, no, no. Okay.

So to teach your kids this phrase, what you want to do, is

not have them eat you like a zombie, but instead when you

want to say, “Let me finish eating,” ow! Don’t bite me. He’s really, like, personifying

the role. You would say the phrase in the foreign language,

and then again in English, and
then again in the foreign

language, so that your children can
make that association, and

then soon you can drop out that English.

Okay, if you’re using this phrase tag
us in your Instagram @talkboxmom

stories and Happy Father’s Day tomorrow.


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