Learn Spanish By Singing: Pimpón

Pimpón is a song about a paper doll that washes his face and brushes his hair and doesn’t cry when it’s tangled. Then the singer asks to be Pimpón’s friends.

The Spanish below is the lyrics to the song. The English is to help you understand the Spanish. The English is not meant to be sung. But the Spanish totally is!


Step 1. Read the Spanish lyrics while looking at the English to understand what it is saying.

Step 2. Listen to the Spanish song while reading along.

Step 4. Read the Spanish again while looking at the English.

Step 5. Practice signing the song until it just becomes so easy.

If the video is missing or there is a problem, please leave a comment, and we will fix it asap.



Pimpón es un muñeco.
Muy guapo de cartón.
Se lava la carita
con agua y con jabón.

Pimpon is a doll.
Very handsome and made of cardboard.
He washes his little face.
with water and with soap.

Pimpón siempre se peina
con peine de marfil
y aunque se hace tirones
no llora ni hace así

Pinpóm always brushes his hair
with a comb made from ivory
and when there are tangles
he doesn’t cry or do this.  (make a whining sound and look sad)

Pimpón dame la mano
con un fuerte apretón
que quiero ser tu amigo.
Pimpón, pimpón, pimpón.

Pinpóm give me your hand
with a strong grip.
I want to be your friend
Pimpón, Pimpóm, Pimpón.

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