Spanish Phrase of the Day! You’re such a good girl (boy).

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An affirming parent does wonders to a child’s emotions, right?! Although my boys can drive me crazy at times, at the end of the day, I am so thankful I get to be their mom. I want to speak love and positivity into their life and using the phrase, “You’re such a good boy,” is a great place to end our week of giving compliments. What was your favorite compliment from this week?

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“You’re such a good girl” is today’s Phrase of the Day

and “You’re such a good boy.”


Okay. So if you like giving compliments

which I love. I love giving compliments.

Then today’s phrase is for you.

So what Darian

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Yeah! If you have the phrasebook,

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We’ll show you where that’s at!

Now Darian, you choose the language that we’re gonna do.

You’re such a good girl in.

I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.

Am I teasing you too much?

I am? Okay.

I’ll tone it down.

And that is not good.

Okay. Did you push it?

All right. You got Spanish.


So we’ll do “You’re such a good boy.” All right,

so we’re gonna go down to “P”


Don’t say it, for “Praise.”

No potty talk, Darian.


“Pen.” Okay. That was good.

That was not what I was expecting.

Here’s “You’re such a good girl, boy.”

What the heck is that?

I’ve been silly!

Okay are you ready? Here we go.

All right.

“Eres” “Eres” “un” “un” “Eres un” “niño” “niño”

“muy” “muy” “bueno.” “bueno.”

“Eres un niño muy bueno.” “Eres un niño muy bueno.”

“Muy” what? “Bueno.”

“Muy bueno?”

Oh okay. Did you think it was funny?

You sounded like a baby voice, it sounded funny?

Yeah. You want to say it again?

“Muy Bueno.” “Bueno.”

“Bueno.” “Bueno?”

Like “Baño?” No!

It’s ’cause you’re thinking about it so hard!


Let’s hear it again.

He’s never said that before, that’s funny.

“Eres” “Eres” “un” “un” “niño” “niño”

“muy” “muy” “bueno.” “bueno.”

“Eres un niño muy bueno.” “Eres un niño muy bueno.”

Here we go… What?


Stop saying it!

You hear it though?

I’m trying it! “Bueno.”

“Bueno.” “Bueno.” “Bueno.” “Bueno.” “Bueno.”

Sometimes, I did a German video

and my tongue got all tied up.

I was saying the weirdest thing I ever said. What?

I said that like, instead of like I’m mixed,

like volin and vison and said something I don’t or vice it.

I don’t know. It’s something really weird.

“Bueno, bueno, bueno.”

That sounds like “baño,” “bueno.”

Okay. So when you get tongue tied like this,

if you’re just having all the trouble,

it’s best as to step back because it’s just,

you’re making it bigger than it is.

So I know Darian says that word a lot in Spanish has never

sounded funny.

It’s just one of those things.

It doesn’t matter. That’s okay.

“Bueno.” “Bueno.” “Bueno.”

“Bueno.” No!

It’s so funny!

We’re gonna let Darian.. We’re gonna let Darian go now.

Thank you so much for watching!

How do you say it? “Bueno.”


We’re gonna let Darian go.

You guys have a great day! We’re gonna laugh this one off. Bye!


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