Spanish Phrase of the Day! You can’t play because you are sick

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Is your kid a couch potato or just as active when they are sick? It’s interesting how some kids are able to just keep going even when they’re clearly sick with a fever or otherwise. Use today’s phrase, “You can’t play because you are sick,” the next time your kiddo is trying to get out of resting when they should be.

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Hello, and welcome to today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day!

Today, we have our saddest phrase for
children. It is,

“You can’t play because you are sick.”

Oh, no!

This week we’re working on phrases that you can use as a family when

you’re sick, in a foreign language.
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Okay. So, we’re going to do this phrase
in one language.

We’d love for you to try it out with us.

So Darian, “You can’t play because you are sick.”

So I’ll be pushing the button on this
one. And it got Spanish.

So let’s try that out.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook in whatever language

you can follow along in the app.

I’m going to show you how to get there.

So you’re going to want to head down to
“S” for “Sick.”

Darian, come participate,
though even though I said you can’t.

Come do this!

Even though I said, “No.”

This time I remembered my ABCs.

So, “You can’t play because you are sick.”

There’s a really good search option
in our app so you can-

oh, it’s different for a male to female.

So I’m going to say it to you because, “enfermo” and, “enferma” changes.

Okay, you ready?

“No” “No” “puedes” “puedes”

“jugar” “jugar” “porque” “porque”

“estás” “estás” “enfermo” “enfermo”

“No puedes jugar porque estás enfermo”

“No puedes jugar porque estás enfermo.”

Oh, that’s so sad.

We did it perfectly, but it’s sad.

We did such a great job, but it is so sad.

High five it because we did a great job!

But tomorrow’s phrase is going to
end us on a great note

about getting better.

So we’ll see you tomorrow in the
Phrase of the Day! Bye!


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