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We live right across from our local library, and it has been so fun to follow the river to the library and check out new books! Of course, COVID changed that for a while, but we’re thankful to have it close by! This week’s phrases are all about reading together–probably one of the most popular past times of many families I know! To start of the week, use the phrase, “Would you like to read together?” the next time you are ready for reading time!

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Our foreign language phrase theme

for this week is reading together!

And I’m here with Darian. Hi!

Who’s going to help me with today’s

reading phrase, which is “Let’s read together.”


And that’s something Darian loves to say

right before bed.

Yes. Okay. So let’s try out this phrase.

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Darian, why don’t you choose

what language we’re going to do this in?

Go for it! Oh, you hit it!


You hit it on your head when you put it up.

Okay. So let’s try this out in Spanish.

To get to this phrase, yeah,

“Use Spanish at Home.”

You’re going to go to “R”

and then you’re going to head over to, “Read.”

We’re going to head over to, “Read.”

And then we have, “Let’s read together.”

Let’s read together!



“a” “a”

“leer” “leer”

“juntos.” “juntos.”

“Vamos a leer juntos.”

“Vamos a leer juntos.”

Oh, you can say that phrase as you yawn.

Which you’re probably doing at night

when you’re really tired.

You’re like, “Vamos a leer juntos.”

“Vamos a leer juntos.”

A great way to practice phrases is

to do things like that where you put yourself

in, like, a situation or with an emotion.

So Darian, why don’t you say the phrase

like you’re really excited?

Vamos a leer juntos!

Okay, and now I’m going to say the phrase

like I’m not happy. Okay.

Vamos a leer juntos.


And, so then you can practice

using the phrase, and be playful,

so that it can feel really natural.

All right, thanks for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

We’ll see you tomorrow, bye! Bye!


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