Spanish Phrase of the Day! We will come back later.

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“We will come back later.” The phrase every mom promises as they leave their kid’s best friend’s house! It’s hard to pull kids away from good friends and fun, but it’s just a part of life. Use this phrase the next time you have to soften the blow of having to leave a place your child doesn’t want to leave! Where would that be for one of your kids?

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Nolan, on Monday, you told me in the Phrase the Day,

that you didn’t like the phrase, “It’s time to go.”

So today’s phrase is just for you,

it’s, “We will come back later,”

because then you get to come back and do it again right?

And get to still have fun,

is that right?


Yeah, okay!

So let’s try out today’s phrase.

If you don’t already have the phrase,

the calendar for the week, how can they get it Nolan?

Tell them how they can get it.

Comment or DM us.

Comment and DM us.

Perfect, okay!

So if you already have the $35 phrase book,

we’ll show you where to find this phrase in the app,

we will come back later.

Nolan, if you could grab the random language generator,

I’ll go over to the languages

and you choose those language we’re doing.

Go for it, Nolan.

Oh a head shot! Okay!

We’re gonna do this,

We’re gonna try this out in Spanish.

So to find this in the app, you wanna go to “L,”

and then you’re gonna go over to “Later.”

Perfect! Okay!

“We will come back later.”

“Regresaremos más tarde,” that makes sense.

Here we go.

“Regresaremos” “Regresaremos”

“más” “más” “tarde.” “tarde.”

“Regresaremos más tarde.” “Regresaremos más tarde.”

Okay Nolan, thanks for trying out that phrase with me

and thanks for being in my video,

even though you’re in a mood.

Can I have a high five?

All right!

So when you guys start using a foreign language,

you wanna replace the phrases you normally say,

even though the phrase might be different tenses

than most people start with,

that’s fine ’cause when you speak English,

you start with all the tenses as well with your baby.

So jumping in is the best way to start talking.

So hope you had fun jumping in with us

to start replacing this phrase

and be sure to use it with your family

so you can add more Spanish to your life.

All right! We’ll see you tomorrow, for tomorrow’s

Phrase of the Day.

Bye! Bye! Thank you!


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