Spanish Phrase of the Day! The baby pooped up her back.

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What’s on the to do list for today? No matter what it is, it will probably get interrupted with fun things like a kid drawing in permanent marker on their sibling’s arm and a baby’s blow-out diaper at the exact same moment! Or is that just my life?! This week we are all about baby phrases, and we are starting with something I know I’ve said more than once: “The baby pooped up her back.” Do you have a blowout diaper story? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide and Hector from

where you talk in foreign language from day one.


So we’re doing our Phrase the Day.
This week our theme is

baby phrases.

Now, if you don’t have a baby, tag your three favorite baby mamas

below to do it.

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Now if you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow

along in the app for these phrases, and I’m going to show

you how to do our first phrase which is,
“The baby pooped up her back.”

So where do we go in the book to find that, Hector? Under the

“P” section for “Poop.” Awesome!

So whole section in a phrase book for families is dedicated

to poop.

And today we’re doing it in Spanish.

So, let’s see, “Your stomach hurts.”

“Did you poop today?” “The baby pooped up his or her back.”



So in Spanish though, they say it like the baby pooped

and it like went up the back.

That’s how a native speaker would say it.

So we’re going to repeat it with the native speaker.

Here we go.

“El” “El” “bebé” “bebé” “hizo” “hizo”
“popó” “popó”

“y” “y” “se” “se” “le” “le” “fue””fue” “hasta” “hasta” “la” “la” “espalda” “espalda”

“El bebé hizo popó y se le fue hasta la espalda.”
“El bebé hizo popó y se le fue hasta la espalda.”

If you’re just starting, know that it takes a couple weeks

to a couple of months to hear the sounds being said and this

is a longer phrase if you’re just starting,
but it is a fun

phrase. Hector who was the worst baby like the worst poopy

baby we’ve had?
I don’t know that’s pretty equal in poopiness.

It’s so gross.

I remember the first time, like, the baby pooped up their back and

you like pull the onsie off and it’s like makes that “ck ck ck ck” sound.

So gross!

It’s so gross.


Well, if you’re using this phrase, or you doing something

funny with the phrase, tag us on Instagram so we can feature

you in our stories, and we should make a really funny one.

So…he’s like, “Gross!”


Okay. We’ll see you on Instagram. Bye!

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