Spanish Phrase of the Day! “Tell him, ‘Sorry’,” “Tell her, ‘Sorry.'”


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What do you have your kids do after they’ve had a fight? I have my boys share three things they are grateful for about the other person. I want them to remember that their relationship is more important than who got the last bit of Cheerios… Raising children to be kind to others is one of the most important things in today’s world, right? A huge part of it starts with being able to apologize when we are wrong. Use the phrase, “Tell him/her, Sorry,” the next time things get a little out of hand. Let me know in the comments what you do help your kids be kind to each other!

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Hello! This week

we are working on phrases for kids that fight.

I know how that is in my house.

You can DM us for our foreign
language Phrase of the Day

weekly calendar for the language
of your choice.

We’ll send that off to you for free.

You can comment or DM us. Today’s
phrase is “Tell him, ‘Sorry’”

or “Tell her, ‘Sorry.’” Do you have to do that
in our house? Do you have to tell

somebody sorry?

Who do you usually have to tell sorry to?

My brother.
To your brother? Really? That’s all of us.


So we’re going to do this in one
language and Darian’s going

to use our random language generator to choose that language.

Don’t do it quite yet Darian.


Did you already just push it?

No. Okay.

I kind of grabbed it, look it makes kind of like a-

Okay, it’s all set up ready for you to push.

Go! What did you get? Spanish!

Okay, if you have the $35 phrasebook
then you have access to

it in the app.

I’m going to show you how to find it,

even if you’re not doing Spanish.

This is where you’re-
I’ll let you hold that. This is where you’re

gonna go. You’re gonna go down
to “S” for-

It’s slipping!

You’re going to go to “S” for…”Socks”.
Really, not, “Sorry”?

Socks are better.

I’m trying to do unrelated things.
Unrelated things to it.

That’s right.

That’s the theme.

Okay got it.

So we’re gonna go over to “Sorry.”

So “S,” and then, “Sorry,” and then we have
“Tell me ‘Sorry,’”

“Tell him, ‘Sorry,’” “Tell her, ‘Sorry.’”
Let’s do “Tell him, ‘Sorry.’”


Say it with me.





Lo siento momma.

“Dile a él, ‘Lo siento.’”
“Dile a él, ‘Lo siento.’”

“Dile a él, ‘Lo siento.’” Like tell it to him.
Dile él.

Like, “Dile a él…”
“Lo siento.”

There we go.

That got a little jumbled there.
So, “dile” is like

“Say it to” right?

“Dile a él, ‘Lo siento.’” I’m the one who
says that a lot and he’s

the one who says the, “lo siento” a lot.

So, you know, he’s got that down,
which is great.

So when you’re just starting, all the sounds might be kind of tricky.

Don’t worry about that.

Just have fun with it as you’re using it.


And have a good day and you better listen to TalkBox.Mom,

then you’ll be like, super good and all your friends will be like-

What? Why are you so good at Spanish?

All right, bye guys!

See you in Instagram stories @talkboxmom!

Do not do the dot or it will go blank.

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