Spanish Phrase of the Day! Stop playing, and lie down please.

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How many times have you said, “Stop playing, and lie down please,” to your restlessness toddler or energetic children at night? No doubt this phrase will come in handy during nap time this week! Do you have any tricks that help get your kiddo down for a nap easier?

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Today’s phrase, foreign language phrase

is my favorite phrase.

It is, “Stop playing and lie down, please.”

Because we’re doing bedtime phrases. Oh.

For a moment I was like,

do I just, like, do I lie down?

Because do I yell that into your room at night?

Stop playing and lie down please, right,

in a foreign language?

So, Darian and I, are going to try out this

phrase in one foreign language,

but if you would like to do this phrase

in the language you’re learning,

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Okay, Darian, let’s find out what language

we’re going to be doing this phrase in.

You ready?

Okay. Push the button!

Okay we got Spanish!


Okay, “stop playing and lie down, please.”

Well, if you have the $35 phrasebook,

I’m going to show you how to find it in the

companion app that comes with the book.

So you’re going to want to go to

“B” for, “Bedtime.”

Or for bad.

Or for bad, but you can also use this phrase

at nap time, of course.

So bedtime or nap time.

So I’m going over to, “Bedtime.”

Or sleep in the tree house.

Sleep in the tree house? Ooh, that sounds fun!

I always wanted to.

But we don’t have a tree house.

Okay, let’s see. “Get in your bed,

please tell me a story, good night, I love you,

stay in your bed, don’t get out of your bed.”

Ooh here it is,

“Stop playing and lie down, please.”


“Deja” “Deja” “de” “de” “jugar” “jugar”

“y” “y” “acúestate,” “acúestate,”

“por” “por” “favor.” “favor.”

Hold on, I’m going to pause it. Darian’s like,

“I’m getting tired.” It’s because I say this

phrase at night to him in Spanish,

so he’s like,

“Oh that’s the phrase to cue the sleep.”

“Deja de jugar y acúestate, por favor.”

Here she goes.

“Deja de jugar y acúestate, por favor.”

“Deja de jugar y acúestate, por favor.”

That was really good!


“Deja de jugar”

So, stop playing.

“Deja de jugar”

“y acúestate,” “y acúestate,” “y acúestate,”

“por favor.”

We’ve got to be nice and say the, “por favor.”

“Deja de jugar y acúestate, por favor.”

So to teach your child this phrase,

you can just put this

Phrase of the Day calendar

on their door, and when you hear crazy noises

going on in their room, or cars flying

you can look at it,

and say that phrase to them,

and they’ll learn it really fast!

Uh-oh, Darian fell asleep!

I hope you guys didn’t fall asleep.

Thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

And I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!


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