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Would you like to hear a fun idea that Darian came up with for practicing the phrase, “See you later?” Using different, silly voices with each other, start really high, like a mouse, and then have someone repeat it really low, like a cow. You can come up with different animal noises, like whinnying like a horse or hooting like an owl, all while saying, “See you later” in the language of your choice! He’d love to see your family in the stories trying out his activity. 😂😘 Let’s do it!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide and
Darian with today’s-

Oh, what? Yeah?
We’re both from TalkBox.

We’re both from Talkbox.Mom,
where you start talking

in foreign language with your family
-the same day you start, with balloons!

And today’s phrase is,
“See you later.”

This week
“See you later” buggy! Goodbye!

This week we’re focusing
on short phrases,

so if you want the-
Short like, like, like starter phrases.

I love it! So if you’re just,
if you’re just starting then comment,

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So free. Okay!

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Maybe the letter will get lost
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So, if you want to make sure-
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If you want to make sure it
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otherwise, we’ll fly over your
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Maybe you’ll get it. Okay,

so, and then we’ll yell the phrase,
today’s phrase “See you later!”


Darian’s going to use…
It’s like and then to them

“See you later!”

Did I hear you something?
Did I hear, what, what was that?

Okay, Darian’s gonna use the
random language generator.

Okay, this might take a moment.

And to do it,

okay, choose our language for today.

Okay, we got Spanish for today.

All right, if you already have,


if you already have the $35 phrasebook-

It has this cute little kitty.

You can follow along in
the language of your choice.

Otherwise, get that calendar or
practice in Spanish with us.

We’re doing “C”? We’re doing “C”?
You know what? We are going to “B”

Okay, let me find that.

And then we’re going to go to
the section that says “Bye”

So let’s go to, “Bye” at the top.
Beep, beep, beep.

And if you have the book in
another language this is how you find it.

You go to, “B” and then you’re going
to go over to, “Bye.”

You can pause the video because,
there I go I found it.

No, no pausing. We got this!

Maybe my ABC order is pretty bad though.



Here we go.

And then we’re going to the phrase,

“See you later.” There we go,
at the bottom.

Are you ready?


Yeah, I see it.




“Nos vemos después!”

“Nos vemos después!”
“Nos vemos después!”

“Despusés.” Like after, like later.
They’re saying like, after. “Despusés”

Do you want to hear it again?




“Nos vemos después!”
“Nos vemos después!”

You’re getting like tongue-tied today.

That’s okay.

All right, so this is a fun
phrase to use. You can practice it

by pretending to say goodbye
to each other and that you’ll

see each other later.

If you’re practicing this phrase-

Oh you can do lots of things with your tongue.

If you’re practicing this phrase,

we would love to see a video
from you right, Darian?

Yeah, yeah. See like, oh and I got this funny game.

So you make, you have to make a
sentence in Spanish, but you

have to do one like high
and then like other person low

and then they have to combine
them. So different people.

Like “Nos”

Like “Nos” “Ay”

Yeah like that!

“Nos” “vemos” “después!”

Yeah, like different, yah yah, every like,
so you just, and then you paste them together,

and then we watch a video
and we’ll make one too.

Oh, really?


You want to do that?

Okay, I’ll do that with you.



We’ll see you in our stories.



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