Spanish Phrase of the Day! Say, Please.

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Right after “Mom,” and Dad,” Say, ‘Please,'” has to be the most used phrase we teach our babies. Many of us show our babies how to sign it! If you have a baby at home, I would recommend starting out with this phrase. It’s easy to remember, and you say it at least 5 times a day! And if a baby can remember it, you know your older kids can too!

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Hello, and welcome to our foreign language
Phrase of the Day!

I have a special, special guest

we have not seen in a while.

It is…



Mr. Hair is here.

And today’s foreign language phrase is,
“Say, ‘please.’ ”

And we are going to be doing this phrase in

Spanish! We are just going to hop in and do it in Spanish today.

So to get to it in the app,
you’re going to want to go to

“P” for…

This is itchy.
This is itchy?

I mean, this is itchy.

And you want to head over to “Please.”

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Just comment below. And here is how you say, tell your child

to, “Say, ‘please.’ ” Or tell your mom to,
“Say, ‘please.’ ” Here we go!

“Di” “Di” “Por” “Por”
“favor.” “favor.”

“Di, ‘Por favor.’ ”
“Di, ‘Por favor.’ ”

Let’s hear you say it, Mr. Hair.

“Di, ‘Por favor.'”
Oh! “Por favor.”

“Di, ‘Por favor.’ ”
“Por favor.”

“Di, ‘Por favor.’ ”
“Por favor.”

That’s a fun activity you

could do with your kids where you ask them to, “Say, ‘Please,’ ”

and then they say it. And great manners,
which is what our

calendar this week is about,
is about great manners.


We will see you in our Instagram stories

Thank you, Mr. Hair, for joining us!

We might have to work on
your manners, Mr. Hair.

All right.


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