Spanish Phrase of the Day! Pick up your clothes.

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As the kids get older, I find myself answering the yes/no questions my boys are asking me with, “You need to clean your room.” Like, if they ask if they can play video games. It’s not, “yes,” or, “no.” It’s, “You need to clean your room.” hahah! Once that task is done, then things are a little more right in my world. Have you noticed any phrases similar to that, that you say all the time instead of yes or no?



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Hello and welcome to our foreign language
Phrase of the Day!

This week we’re doing teen phrases.

I’m Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom and…
I’m Darian from TalkBox.Mom

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And today we’re going to do the phrase,
“Pick up you clothes.”

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And today we’re going to do
the phrase in one language.

And Darian’s going to use our
random language generator.

Let me get the special key that it’s invisible,

so nobody can find it.


Whoa, whoa!

Here it is.

Push! Push! Push it! Woah! You pushed it so fast,

you got Spanish. Oh! Hola.

Let’s try this phase out.

If you have the $35 phrase book-
And there’s like a kitty cat.

It’s so cute.

The kitty cat.

You just want to Kitty cat!
Ok, if you have the $35 phrase book,

you can follow along in
the language of your choice.

Otherwise, try it in Spanish with us,
and I’m going to show you if

you have the book; where to find it,
in whatever language.

So, to get to, “Pick up your clothes,” which is our phrase- You must do to “C” “D”.

I’m guessing.

Yeah “C” You got “C” That’s right. And then you’re going to head over to clothes.

And then we’re going to go to, “Pick up your clothes.” “C” for “Crab.”

Are you ready for this? There she goes!

“Levanta” “Levanta” “la” “la” “ropa” “ropa”

“Levanta la ropa.”
“Levanta la ropa.”

Okay Darian, I want you to say it to me like all my clothes are everywhere.

“Levanta la ropa!”

Oh, ok! That was really good.

Now, I’m going to say it to you.
“Levanta la ropa.”

Okay, now let’s pretend I’m, like, Mary Poppins’ mom. “Levanta la ropa.”

Ropa, ropa, ropa!

Ropa on your face! Ropa everywhere.
Ropa in your underwear!

You have “ropa,” but your underwear is the “ropa.”

Okay, Awesome.

Well, I hope you had fun doing
this phrase with us!

If you are having fun doing this phrase,
we would love to

see a video of you using
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