Spanish Phrase of the Day! Pick up the leaf.


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Do you want to know what I love about nature walks? There’s no prep work because… Hector does it all! 😂 And there’s no school prep work for me!

The kids naturally make discoveries as we slowly make our way down the path. It’s so fun because there’s no rule on how to do a nature walk correctly. We’re free to explore. We just go and see what comes our way, and when we find it, Hector excitedly opens the app Seek by iNaturalist to see if it’s poisonous or not. Use today’s phrase, “Pick up the leaf,” the next time you’re out on a nature walk and start a conversation about whatever you find!

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Hey, everybody.

This week, our foreign language Phrases of the Day are nature

phrases. So if you’d like to do that with us, comment or DM

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Darian, can you grab that random language generator, because we’re

going to do a phrase together.

It’s going to be, “Pick up the leaf.”

That’s the phrase that we’re doing together.

“There’s” you are-
“There’s” you are.

There you are!

That’s what I say. Hello-sh!

What do you say?


You mix it all up?

So, “Pick up the leaf.”

Are you ready for it?

What did you push? Japanese!

Let’s try that in Japanese.
When we’re out in nature,

it’s fun to like, pick things up and look
at them, as long

as it’s safe.
And not poison ivy.

Not poison ivy.

Now, we like to look at different plants.

Right, Darian?

How do you figure out-
And then eat the plants!


How do you figure out what the plant is?

Tell them about that.

So my dad got this cool app-
Look right at them, I’ll take this out of your

hand. So you can tell everybody about it. Okay, look at them. Tell them.

My dad got this cool app that we can figure out

what’s the plants, and now when we found this,

it’s called the destroying angel mushroom!

It’s highly poisonous.

Yeah, it’s- Here, sit right here.

And then so,

we were hiking on another path, and we
saw six of them!

We saw a lot of those, huh?


Yeah, so it’s really fun to figure out what the plants are.

So sometimes we’ll look at the leaves, and sometimes we know

not to pick it up.

But if we do want to pick it up and look at it-
If you find this

tree that has like, thorns poking out of it,
and if you take

one of their leaves, if you chew on them, it’ll make your mouth numb.

When they didn’t have dentists, they used to use their sticks

or leaves, and you’re supposed to chew
on that until your

rotten tooth falls out.

Oh, wow.

I’m glad we have dentists now.

Are you glad we have dentists now?

Oh, yes. I like the laughing gas.

Okay, awesome. Is your nose a little tickly there?


I see a little tickly nose there.

Okay so, “Pick up the leaf.”

I’m going to show you how to find that. If you already have

the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along in the app-


-in the language of your choice.
Did you know, we’re doing

Japanese right now, but in Japanese they don’t say anything

when somebody sneezes.

They think it’s-
Did you just wipe your..?

You know, I think it was two weeks ago

we did the phrase “Don’t wipe your boogers
on your shirt.”

Yes, yes!

We’re going to have to go revisit that phrase.

Okay, to find this in the app, and I was going to say, in Japanese

they don’t say bless you.

They just ignore the sneezing.

That’s how they do it.

So we’re going to go to, “L,” and we’re going to go to, “Leaf,” and we’re

going to do, “Pick up the leaf.”

So here we go.



“Happa hirotte.”
“Happa hirotte.”

That was really good! I like that.

That was fun, let’s do that again.

Are you ready?



“Happa hirotte.”
“Happa hirotte.”

That’s really fun in Japanese!

Do you like that?

I like that one in Japanese.

Alright, if you’re using this phrase,
you can practice

it a lot while you’re out and about, and want to pick up leaves

that aren’t poison ivy.

Be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom

if you’re practicing this phrase.

All right, see you in the Instagram stories!
My nose is so tickly!

Stop touching your nose!

All right, bye!

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