Spanish Phrase of the Day! Open the curtains to let the sunlight in.

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Do you have a morning basket routine? Morning basket is simply a time where the family comes together to learn as a family! Pam Barnhill has great morning basket time ideas that she shares. It’s usually in the morning so that families start their day together. As the kids grab their morning basket items, you can use today’s phrase of the day and ask one of them to, “Open up the curtains to let the sunlight in,” in the language of your choice. I know many TalkBox.Mom families who have added talking together in a foreign language as part of their morning basket time! Now you can add another happy phrase to start off a beautiful day!


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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

This week, we’ve been doing phrases for wonderful weather.

So I hope the weather’s been
really nice where you’re at.

Today is my favorite phrase because
I love to open the curtains

and let the sunlight in. Isn’t that right?


Mr. Darian.

I am Mr. Whitehead.

If you go back and watch the video,

you’ll see his creepy little face poking out between those chairs.


So today’s phrase is,
“Open the curtains to let the sunlight in.”

If you want to follow along in the
language of your choice,

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Okay. So, okay.

So, Mr. …Mr. Strainer.


Strainer. That’s what you want to call it. Ok.

I need you to choose what language
we’re going to do

today’s phrase in. Got it.

So if you would, get the random language generator to hit that.

And if you’re following along
in a different language,


Oh! You hit…

Oh, it hit again! It hit it twice.
What? We jumped around.

What are you doing? Making pasta?

Okay, we’re doing today’s phrase in Spanish.

If you are doing a different language,
and you already have

the book, you can follow along in the app with the language that you have.

The book even tastes good.
It even tastes good? Wow!

To get to it,

we’re going to go down to “S” for…

Well, we did “S” a lot. We did “S” a lot!
For… I am running out of

things.. for… “Sunlight!”

I was going to say for, “Super.” For, “Super!” I feel like you might have done the super one.

No. Super, super, super…

I ran out of “Ss.” “You ran out of “Ss?”

Oh, don’t leave me to do this on my own.

It’s more fun with you!

Okay, here we go.

“Open the curtains to let the sunlight in.”
Let’s hear this phrase.

“Abre” “Abre” “Abre” “las” “las”

“cortinas” “cortinas”
“Abre las cortinas”

“Abre las cortinos”

Because we’re talking about curtains.

“cortinas” I have no idea!

“Abre las cortinas”
Okay, so, my name is tiny.

“para” “para” “que” “que” “entre” “entre”
“el” “el” “sol” “sol”

Oh, I love your tiny hands.
“Abre las cortinas para que entre el sol.”

Is that a little fast for you?

So she’s saying, “Abre las cortinas para que entre el sol.”

“Abre las cortinas…” Ah..ahha…

Speak Spanish!

We’ll just do part of it,


That just feels like a mouthful today?

Yeah, just like…
well sometimes things feel like a mouthful.

“Abre las cortinas” let’s just start with that. “Abre las cortinas”

“Abre las cortinas”


So I would start with that one
with Darian if he just

feels like that’s too much,
and then later I could add in,

“to open the sun.” If the phrase
feels easier for me, I would

use it in front of him a lot,

and, so he got more comfortable
with the entire, with the entire phrase.

Yes, and thank you for-
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Wait, I have to hit the, I have to hit the button.

Do you know how to do it? Okay, Bye! Bye!

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