Spanish Phrase of the Day! Look out! Don’t step in the poop.

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Today’s phrase is probably the most important phrase of the entire week. lol “Look out! Don’t step in the poop,” is a phrase anyone needs whether you own a pet or not. There’s nothing worse than hanging out at playdate at the park and accidentally stepping in poop! This is a great phrase to not only use as a family but with friends who are learning a foreign language too! (Because friends don’t let friends step in poop.)

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Today we have the ultimate pet phrase.

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Today’s phrase, like I said,
is the ultimate pet phrase.


It is, “Look out! Don’t step in the poop.”

Is that what happens with pets?

They poop places?

How about your pet?

Did he poop everywhere?
Bad flashback.

You had a fish.

Did he poop everywhere?

There was so much poop in the tank.

Yeah, but you couldn’t step in it at least, right?

But a lot in the tank. You had to clean that yourself, huh?

Okay, push the random –
actually how about you just snap

your fingers for the the language because that random language

generator was attacking you too much.
Or are you guys friends now?

I gave him a tranquilizer dart.

You gave him a tranquilizer dart?

Okay, well hold him up high so we can see it, and push that phrase.

We are doing this in Spanish.

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Today we’re going to show you how
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So to get there in the app, you’re going to want to go down

to “P,” where we have a whole
section dedicated to:

P, p …

Poo poo!
Poo poo. Poo poo!

Okay, because if you have kids and you
Once a bird pooped on my mom’s shoulder.

have animals, then this will happen a lot.

Because it will do-

all over your foot! It pooped all over the town!

You better run.
Okay, so to teach your child this phrase,

you can, when you’re out…

You can never escape from the poop!

I’m sorry I interrupted your song, Darian.

That poo poo.

You will never escape the poop.

Okay, so if you’re out on a walk, Darian,
and you see some poop on

the ground, or I see it,

what do I say?

Watch out for the poop.

Yeah, “Look out!” and I say, “Don’t step in the poop, don’t step in the poop,

don’t step in the poop, don’t step in the poop!”
And then the poop

was a monster, and it’s chasing after

Because I have to say “Don’t step in the poop”

to like, every single person.

So this phrase would be great if you used it while you’re out and you could practice

with the pet poop that you see

on the ground.

Hopefully it’s pet poop…

…on the ground. Not like human.

That’s gross.

Okay, let’s just do this phrase.

Here we go. “Look out!”



“pises” “pises”

Come on, do it with me.

“la” Popó.


“¡Cuidado! No pises la popó.”
“¡Cuidado! No pises la popó.”

“¡Cuidado! No pises la popó.”

“¡Cuidado!” Don’t let the poo poo.

Oh, yeah don’t do that. Definitely not that.

So this is how I’d teach my kids. I’d be like, “¡Cuidado! No pises la popó.”

And then if they like, don’t know what I mean,

I’d be like that means “Look out! Don’t step in the poop.”

Or then they’ll step in the poop!

And then you’ll be like “That meant don’t step in the poop.”

And they’ll remember that forever.


But then who’ll have to clean the poop off the shoe?

Yourself. Oh, yeah!

Okay, and then I would say it again in Spanish. “¡Cuidado! No pises la popó.”

So when you’re out on a walk and you see some pet poop on the ground

or maybe at your house in the yard-
Just don’t,

just say it in a different language.

Oh my gosh, have them learn it quick so they don’t step in it.

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We’ll you in the stories. Bye!

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