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Last week, we spent so much time in nature, and the weather was sooooo nice. I love nature as long as it’s not too hot out. Then I’m such a baby, dying, being dragged through the forest against my will. 😂 And you thought your kids were bad! This week, we’re focusing on nature phrases, and we’re starting off with flowers! And boy are they beautiful popping up everywhere! What kind of outdoor adventures do you have planned this summer?

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Happy Monday! This week our foreign language Phrases of the Day

are all focused on nature.

So if you’d like to get started, DM us or comment for that

free calendar. You love nature, huh?

You love hiking, love things? Okay.

Today’s phrase is-
You’re creeping me out-

-is, “Look at the beautiful flowers”. One of my favorite pictures of Darian is when you

picked some beautiful flowers in Germany and brought them to

me and I took a picture of you.

It’s too creepy.

And I love that picture

way more than I’m loving this right now,
so let’s just keep going.

Darian’s going to use the random
language generator

or I’m going to hit it against his
face because he is not

moving, and we’ll figure out what language were going to do it in.

Are you ready?

Okay, here we go.


Did it hurt? Sorry, let me see it.
-My tooth!

Bleeding! Hand blood!

I was trying to do it really soft!

Okay, so if you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along

in the app of the language that your book is in, and I’m going to show

you how to get there, and we would love for you to try this with us.

I should have hit-

I thought I was hitting it against your forehead,

so when you said that I hit your teeth,

I felt really bad.

So, my bad, Darian. It would have been really good if I-

I’m doing it with my nose, look!

We already did that last week.


So, let’s try this out.

We’re going to go to, “F”

for, “Frankenstein”.

Okay, so I’m going to go over to-

Okay, let’s not yell.

I’m going to go over to, “Flower,” and then Darian, you say this with me,

you ready?

We’re going to do,
“Look at those beautiful flowers.”

Here we go.






Should we do that word? Like, “beautiful”.
Oh, I wondered what, “hermosas” was.

Okay, want to hear it again?

“tan” “tan”


I want to point out really fast

that Darian is really good about asking if he doesn’t know

what something means in a language that he speaks.

So we do Spanish and German at home,

and so I really like that

he asked that question he’s not shy to do it.

And I think that’s a really good thing
to have. For me,

I was always really scared to like, ask
what things meant

because I felt like it meant like, I didn’t
know it, or I wasn’t

smart or something, but Darian is so smart that he does ask and

I think that’s really commendable.

So thank you, Darian.

Now, let’s try the full phrase. Here we go.

I just inside-outed a balloon and all this dust-

This is what’s inside a balloon.

It’s all this dust!


Now we’re going to say,
“Look at those beautiful flowers.”

Are you ready?

“Mira esas flores tan hermosas.”
“Mira esas flores tan hermosas.”

And that’s, “Look at those beautiful flowers,” even though Darian’s

looking at the balloon.

So what we could do-

This might be the first inside-outed balloon of the century!

Oh my goodness.

We could make some flowers out of balloons and we could practice

this phrase.

That would be a great way for him to
learn it because

that’s where one hundred percent of his attention is right now,

and it’s good to play off of that.

All right! We’ll see you guys

on the Instagram stories with you using the phrase @talkboxmom.

See you there!

Bye, everybody!

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