Spanish Phrase of the Day! Let’s read together.

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What books are you the most excited to read with your kids this year? Nolan is super into Minecraft building manuals, which kind of counts as reading? And Darian is running out of things to read. He’s gone through SO many books twice! And I love reading aloud with my kids. If you do too, use the phrase, “Let’s read together!” the next time you take out a book!

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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

We are doing back-to-school phrases
in foreign languages,

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Darian and I are going to try out the phrase in

one language with the TalkBox.Mom

companion app that comes with the
$35 phrasebook.

So let’s try it out.

Okay, Darian, get that random language generator and smack it.

What did you choose?

You choose Spanish!



So what we’re going to do, is I’m going to show you how to find it in the app.

So to get to it in the app…

Oh, you know what I did?
I messed up my phone. Hold on.

Okay to get to it in the
app, you’re gonna click on

the Spanish book and you’re going to go down-

Oh! The phrase today is, “Let’s read together.”

I totally failed to mention
that, but I’m sure it’s right above

us. So we’re good.


So let’s go to “R” in the app.
Deep doo-doo doo-doo! And then

we’re going to go over;
I want to make sure I’m in the right

spot. Yes, we’re going to go over to,
“Read” so you can see

the iPhone here. And let’s do,
“Let’s read together.” Ready?


“Vamos” “Vamos”

“a” “a” “leer” “leer” juntos.” “juntos”

“Vamos a leer juntos.”
“Vamos a leer juntos.”

Okay, so to teach your child this phrase,
what you want to do

is just use it.

So if I had a book together, a book, I would say, “Vamos a leer juntos.”

Right? And then we would read together.

And if you didn’t know what that meant; what would I say

Darian if I didn’t know what that meant?

You say it again or-
I would say like that means, “Let’s read

together.” “Vamos a leer juntos.”
Now if you wanted me to read

with you, Darian, what would you say to me?

“Vamos a leer juntos.”
“Vamos a leer juntos.”

Did you get a little camera shy there?

I saw that! But I’m really happy that
you’re here doing this

with me.

Okay, and so that’s, once
you use it a bunch of times, it will

become more natural and you’ll be able
to use it in your

home. Thanks for joining us for today’s
Phrase of the Day

and we will see you tomorrow.



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