Spanish Phrase of the Day! Let’s go on a walk.


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While in Lisbon, we lived next to a castle! We could walk by it whenever we wanted and learn all about the religious conflicts from that time period! It was an amazing experience living so close to such an incredible place filled with rich history! I could have totally used today’s phrase, “Let’s go on a walk,” while we were there. You might not live near a castle here in the United States 😜 but you can still use this phrase the next time you head out with your family!

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Today’s phrase is,

“Let’s go on a walk!”

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So today’s phrase is?

“Let’s go on a walk” in the park.

Okay, “Let’s go on a walk,” but you could also add

“in a park,” but we’re going to focus on— I just added that.

You just added that yeah,

so we’re going to try this,

Darian and I, in a foreign language together.

And you can try it with us at home.

If you already have the $35 phrase book,

then I will show you where to find this phrase in the app

in the language of your choice.

All right, Darian.


Are you ready?

Okay, let’s go.

Okay, go for it.


You chose Spanish.

Now it says, “Rawr.”

So if you already have a phrase book,

you can just go down to, “W”


“Walk” “Walk”


“Walrus,” but we’re going to go over to “Walk.”

Is there “Walrus” in there?

No that would be in our zoo guide,

a walrus with some marine life, okay!

Oh wait, I just walrus—

Walrus, okay! “Let’s go on a walk,” are you ready?

I can say “Walrus” now.


Okay, here we go, are you ready?


“Vamos” “Vamos” “a” “a” “caminar.” “caminar.”

“Vamos a caminar.” “Vamos a caminar.” “Vamos a caminar.”

You already know that one, don’t you? Yep!

Yeah, you already know that one.

And then we can go on a walk.

Yeah, but I talk a walk on my skateboard.

Yeah, even when we go and just walk

you like to take your skateboard.

So to teach how I taught Darian this phase,

is whenever wanted to go on a walk

I’d say, “Vamos a caminar,”

then we’d get up and go on the walk


If he didn’t know what I meant I could say to him,

“Vamos a caminar.” “Let’s go on a walk.” “Vamos a caminar.”

And then he could learn to say that and know it.

And then you remember it, and then when you say it,

they’ll know it, and then if you say other things,

then they’ll know more things,

and they’ll be the best people ever!

And then you could say that we’re the best,

And make friends with Spanish, huh?

Yes and then you can go to Mexico,

and then you’ll make more friends,

and then you’ll have the awesome trip

because you’ll know what they’re saying, and then,

you can go home and you get Mexico toys.

You get toys from Mexico? I bet you love that part.

All right, thanks so much for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day!

We would love to see you using this phrase

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Bye! Bye!

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