Spanish Phrase of the Day! Kids are supposed to get dirty.


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“Kids are supposed to get dirty.” This is what I tell myself as I see dirty footprints all over my perfectly clean floor. ha! It’s the struggle of every mom, isn’t it? Letting kids get dirty, but also wanting the perfectly clean house? Well, hopefully you can at least be happy telling yourself this phrase because you’re saying it in a different language!

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Darian, you know when
you’re out in the backyard,

and you’re playing in the
dirt, and getting all gross?

And I’m like, “What are you kids doing?”

And you’re like, “kids are
supposed to get dirty.”

And then you keep playing
in the dirt and you love it?

You love the dirt, huh?

Oh my gosh,

tell them about what you
like to do in the backyard.

Well I like to dig holes,

and then bury stuff in the holes,

and then when it rains
you play in the mud,

and then we crash scooters
into the mud and those

squiggly bikes.

The squiggly bikes. Yeah.

And we crash them into the mud.

Yeah. And then when we’re gardening,

also because it’s gardening week,

we also are digging in the dirt too.

So this phrase can…

Once I found an earthworm.

You did?

And I put him in my garden.

Oh that’s nice.

So you can use this
phrase all over the place.

So the phrase is,
“Kids are supposed to get dirty.”

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Darian and I are going try this
phrase out in one language,

and if you have the $35 phrasebook,

then you can follow along in
the app, and I’ll show you

how to get there when we get to that.

All right, Darian.

Okay, so we’re going to try this phrase out.

Are you ready?

All right. Go for it.

Hit that generator.

Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.

Oh, what’d you get?


Use Spanish at Home.

Okay, so to get to this
phrase in the phrasebook,

you’re going to “D” for “Dirt,”
for all phrases concerning dirt.

Or Darian.

Or Darian.

Oh look there’s the
Darian phrases they say.

I’m you’re favorite child.


Okay, so, “kids are supposed to get dirty.”

Let’s try that out.

“Kids are supposed to get dirty.”

“Los” “Los” “Los” “niños” “niños”
“deben” “deben”

“ensuciarse.” “ensuciarse.”

“Los niños deben ensuciarse.”
“Los niños deben ensuciarse.”

That last word was kind
of a tongue twister there.


I know you can hear “sucia” in it.

Like, “sucia.”
Like, dirty, like dirty dishes.

If you have the first
TalkBox.Mom box in Spanish

you know, “sucia” is for dirty.

And, so you can hear that in the word.

So you can start picking
out things that you know.

So like being covered in dirt, “ensuciarse.”

Okay, anyways you can kind
of see that happening.

The more phrases you learn,
the more connection you make.

And, so this is one that I
don’t think Darian has said in

Spanish, and so that’s one we should add and start using.


So that’s really fun to find a new phrase.

All right thank you so much for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

Phrase of the day. Goodbye.


See you next time.

See you next time. Have a good weekend.


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