Spanish Phrase of the Day! I want to sit on your lap.


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Are your days feeling really long or short?! For my kids, they are just flying by, and with the sun out SOOOO late, they are constantly saying, “It’s already time to go to bed?!” when bedtime hits.

And I’m like YES. We all need some quiet from you! lol As sweet and as cute as you are… it’s a lot homeschooling and working from home with everyone stuck in the house!

So if your kids are surprised that it’s already bedtime, and you’re like, “It’s already time to go to bed!” then this phrase is totally for you!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide and Darian,
and we are with Talkbox.Mom

where you start talking in a foreign language the first day you start!


And, today we are going to be doing-
continue on with our kids’

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Today’s phrase is,
“I want to sit on your lap.”

Who says that the most out of you two?

“I want to sit your lap.”
Me! Me.

Yeah, Nolan. I would say Nolan
says that the most, so that’s

a really good one. And, Darian,

can you get our language, random
language generator?

Nolan, push the button and it’ll push a random language group.

And, you chose Spanish! Yay!

Okay, so to get to this
phrase if you aleady have the

$35 phrase book, you can follow along
in the language of

your choice, and I’m going to
show you how to do that.

You’re going to want to go to
“S” and then head on

over… “S” for super! And, also for “Sit” to say,
“Can I sit on your lap?” but

super’s also… could I sit on a roller coaster?
Oh, that’s a good one.

Okay, so…
…Or give us six spankings!


Okay, really? Okay.

“I want to sit on your lap.”

Here we go.

Let’s hear the phrase.
“Quiero” “Quiero” “sentarme” “sentarme”

Darian! “en” “en” “tus” “tus” “piernas” “piernas”

“Quiero sentarme en tus piernas.”
“Quiero sentarme en tus piernas.”

That’s something you guys say a lot.
“Quiero sentarme en tus piernas.”

There’s something right here.
Now remember, if you are just

starting it will take a couple
of weeks to a couple of months

to hear the, all the words being said,
so take your time.

So, to teach your kids that if they come up to you and they’re like,

“I want to sit on your lap.”

You say “Oh, I would love to let you,
but say it in Spanish,”

and then you can use the app, or you can help them word by

word to be able to say the phrase.

Now, if you’re using this phrase-
Or you can use the book! Yes, use the book!

If you’re using this phrase
tag us on Instagram at @talkboxmom

We’d love to feature you
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All right. See you on Instagram. Bye!

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