Spanish Phrase of the Day! I want to go on the swing.

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“I want to go on the swing,” is an awesome phrase to learn because the beginning of the sentence, “I want to…” can be used with so many things! Use this phrase as your kids ask to go on the swing and be encouraged they are learning a foundational phrase that will be used over and over again in many different ways!


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Hey, this is TalkBox.Mom. I’m Darian-
And I’m Adelaide!

And here’s our Phrase of the Day calendar.

This week, we’ve been doing foreign language phrases for the playground.

So if you’re allowed to go the playground, please use some

of our phrases so you can start using your foreign language.


Today’s phrase is, “I want to go on the swing.”

You always announce that when you’re at the park. Why do you tell

everybody that you want to go on the swing?

Is it to claim it? So nobody else gets it?

That’s what it is.


So let’s learn how to say that in a
foreign language.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along

in the language of your choice, but
we’re going to do it

one language, right Darian? So grab that random language generator

and let’s choose a language to do. Darian,

we’re waiting for you to grab the
button and choose.

What do you choose?

You choose-


Did you push it?

Okay, when? I didn’t hear you push it.
Look, it was like this.

Oh, super soft. That hat looks good on you.

He’s going to come back for you.

Okay, so to get to this phrase, you’re
going to go to “S”

and then you’re going to head over to “Swing”
Darian, come do this phrase with us.

It’s a little loud, there.

Come do this phrase with us.
Got it in the bowl.


It’s good that he’s getting that thing
because it’s taking

me a while to like, know how letters work.

Oh, it’s very last one.

So it’s very last one in the app under “S”.

Okay, so, “I want to go on the swing.”

Let’s call it-

Let’s claim it in Spanish.

Here we go.

Let’s make it a little louder so we can hear that.

Sorry about that.





“Quiero subirme al columpio.”
“Quiero subirme al columpio.”

Do you want to do that one more time?


Okay, let’s do it one more time.





“Quiero subirme al columpio.”
“Quiero subirme al columpio.”

I hear Darian getting a little tongue-tied,

so to help with that, what you want to
do is break up the

phrase into two different parts, so you
can get it a little

easier and apart.

So we’re going to say, “Quiero subirme”
“Quiero subirme”

“al columpio.”
“al columpio.”

“Quiero subirme al”
“Quiero subirme al columpio.”

There you go!

So sometimes we want to break it up to make it easier. To teach

your child this phrase, just have them say it before they go

on the swing, and then you can push them if you want. Do you like

when I push you, or do you like to push yourself?

When I was little, I wanted to be pushed, and sometimes now. But it’s witch and witch.

Sometimes? Do you like when I do
like, the underdog?

Is that what you call it? Tell everybody what that is.

When my mom pushes me

forward and she goes under me.

It’s kind of like a form of torture, but it’s

also fun.

All right, if you use this phrase, tag us in your stories @talkboxmom.


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