Spanish Phrase of the Day! I like to swim, play with my friends, and stay up late.

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If your kid could summarize the best summer ever, it would be swimming, playing with friends, and staying up late. Am I right?! What more could a kid ask for? A trip to Disneyland. Okay, I said, “ask” not, “dream” Hahah! Anyway! Have fun with this longer, slightly challenging phrase, “I like to swim, play with my friends, and stay up late,” as we end our swimming phrases week!

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This is Darian.

And my name is Mommy.
Your name is Mommy?

We’re doing foreign language
Phrases of the Day.

In today’s phrase you can adapt to fit for your family,

but this is the phrase for Darian.

We’re focusing on swimming this week.

And today’s phrase is, “I like to swim, play with my friends, and stay up late.”

Is that you?

I think so.


So, of course you can modify it.

So we’re going to try out this phrase in a foreign language.

You can just do the, “I like to swim,” part.

We just thought it was fun to show a couple examples so you can

have, like, the starter phrase to play around with.

Got it. Yeah.


Okay, he’s got it, he’s got it.

So if you want the Phrase of the Day calendar, what do they gotta do to get it?

They gotta DM or put in the comments down, right here.

Yes. And if you already have the phrasebook, you can follow

along in the app.

I have the app open here.

You can see me moving it.

Look at that. It’s gonna make you barf.
I know, right?

And if you have the book… Can you show us the book? You’ll see it in the app.

So, Darian and I, are going to try it out in one language, Darian.

There’s a kitty right here. Look at that little kitty.

Okay, hit the random language generator,
pretty please. Go!

Alright. He chose Spanish.

So to get to this in the app, if you already have the book in any language,

You’ve got to go to “L”
for “Like.”

Oh my gosh, I hit “K”

Okay “L”
And then you’re going to go over to “Like.”

If you just- “Like, like this one, like.”
I like the lamp.

I like the shirt.

I like the paper.

I like the…
Alright, let’s try this out. You ready?

What is that? Oh, another light and a box.

“Me” “Me” “gusta” “gusta”
“nadar,” “nadar,”

Let’s try that.
“Me gusta nadar,”

“Me gusta nadar,”

That’s true. You do like to swim, right?

You are such a fun swimmer.

And, so do you want to do the rest of the phrase or end it there?

Should we keep going?

It keeps going.

Okay. “jugar” “jugar” “con” “con”
“los” “los” “amigos” “amigos”

So “jugar con los amigos”
“jugar los amigos” Well, “jugar con”

“con” Like, with, right? Yeah.
“jugar con los amigos”

Okay. “Me gusta nadar,”
“Me gusta nadar,”

“jugar con los amigos”

“y” “y” This is, I don’t know if you know this one. “y” “y” “acostarme” “acostarme” “tarde.” “tarde.”

She going to say the whole thing. It’s going to be a lot. Okay.

You don’t have to say the whole thing after it, but… wait, wait, hold on.

Sorry, I started over because I clipped the “Me”

I’m so sorry.

Here she goes. The whole thing.

“Me gusta nadar, jugar con los amigos, y acostarme tarde.”

“Me gusta nadar, jugar con los amigos, y acostarme tarde.”

Yeah? “acostarme tarde.” Yeah, that was
really good. Okay, wonderful.

So to start using this phrase
you can just use a little bit

of it, and say like, “Me gusta nadar,” like, “I like to

swim,” right, and when you go swimming, and just make it an easy

part of your life.

This was just a good example phrase of how to say you like

different things and how that all fits together in the language

that you’re learning.


Well, I hope you had add a fun time learning with us.

Have a wonderful day.

We’ll see you…

See you next week.

Bye. Bye.


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