Spanish Phrase of the Day: I just swept the floor.


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Did you attend the heart of homeschool event that we were a part of in March? It was with Nicholeen Peck and that woman is AMAZING at getting kids to clean. Like, I can tell my kids that they need to do a chore, and they will not only do it but report back when they are done aaaaand ask me if there is anything else they need to do. She taught me how to bring that into my home. Amazing.

So whether you are having your child report back when they finish sweeping, or you’re losing your mind because you just swept that floor, and there’s new fun mud or cheerios everywhere, you can use the phrase, “I just swept the floor,” in a foreign language. Check out today’s video to see how easy it is to start using this phrase in your home!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom

and today we are doing our foreign language Phrase of the

Day. We’re continuing our theme of cleaning with today’s

phrase, which is, “I just swept the floor.”

Now, this is something that I would say and maybe like an attitude

of, “Hey, I just swept the floor!” or my son would say it if I

was like, “Go sweep the floor.”

He’d be like, “I just swept the floor.” Right?

So there’s different tones

you can use with this phrase for different people in different

situations. So, this is a great one to start

using. If you want to follow along in the language of your

choice DM us for this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar, so

you can get that. If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow along in the app with the language that you

have. So, today we are going to be doing the phrase in… da da da da!


All right, to get to this phrase you’re going to want

to go to “B” and then head on over to “Broom”.

There’s over 1,700 phrases in this book.

There are a lot of phrases. So, we will make our way over

there. I went too far.

I’m so good at my ABCs.

There we go.

Okay, and then we’re going down to
“I just swept the floor.”

Now, when you’re starting to learn a foreign language, the

best thing you can do is jump in and start talking. Start

talking from day one.

The more you do this the better you’re going to get at it,

the better you’re going to hear things and you don’t need

to memorize anything before you start! Just start using it.

Replace what you normally say in English with the language.

So here we go on, “I just swept the floor.”

Sorry, just kidding.

Try 2, here we go.

“¡Acabo” “¡Acabo”
“de” “de” “barrer” “barrer”

“el” “el” “piso” “piso”
“¡Acabo de barrer el piso!”

“¡Acabo de barrer el piso!”

Should we do that again?

Yeah, we should.

Here we go.

“¡Acabo” “¡Acabo”
“de” “de” “barrer” “barrer”

“el” “el” “piso” “piso”
“¡Acabo de barrer el piso!”

“¡Acabo de barrer el piso!” Now one thing I hear a lot from people is like,

“Oh, I can’t roll my R’s in Spanish.”

There are actually people who live in Mexico who can’t roll

their R’s.

So, just do your best when you’re starting, and you’ll be able

to get better.

Okay, so just jump in. Now, if you’re using this phrase

with your family tag us on Instagram with @talkboxmom

so we can feature you jumping in and using the foreign language.

Okay, I will watch for you in the stories. Bye!

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