Spanish Phrase of the Day! Have you seen my keys?


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This week we’re focusing on Moms!! The phrases we’re focusing on are ones we say when we have A LOT on our minds and… forget things. Today’s phrase is something I may have just said in the last 2 hours! “Have you seen my keys?”

My husband thinks I should have a utility belt like batman, so everything I usually misplace is attached to me with strings, but… (1) come on… fanny packs came back into style, but utility belts? and (2) isn’t that what the tile app is for? I’m totally all about pinging my phone with my watch, but I haven’t tried the key thing. Do you use tile with your keys? Recommend not recommend?

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I’m Adelaide at TalkBox.Mom
and this week our foreign

language phrases are focusing on
our new theme which is

Forgetful Mom.

And, today’s phrase is,
“Have you seen my keys?”

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And, so, to get to the phrase, umm, you’re going to go to your book,

and today we’re going to be doing this phrase in Spanish!

So, you’re going to go over to “K” and then hop on over to “Key”

at the top, and then we’re going to do the phrase,

“Have you seen my keys?” Now, to start you don’t have to memorize

anything first.

You just want to jump in and use it because the more you

use it the better you’re going to remember it.

So, let’s say it with the native speaker.

“¿Has” “¿Has” “visto” “visto” “mis” “mis” “llaves?” “llaves?”

“¿Has visto mis llaves?”
“¿Has visto mis llaves?”

I was keeping going. So, you would just start using that phrase.

If you’re using this phrase with your family, please tag

us on Instagram with a video of you using it with @talkboxmom

so that we can feature you and have even more fun!

I’ll see you in the Instagram stories. Bye!

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