Spanish Phrase of the Day! Go in the elevator.

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Poll time! What do your kids like more: elevator or escalator? There’s always a favorite. Escalators are cool, and my kids like how dangerous they feel: will I get off in time before the step collapses?! But elevators… they have buttons to fight over! hahah Today, elevators win with the phrase, “Go in the elevator.” If you have the $35 phrasebook, go check out the phrase, “Who wants to push the button?” to talk even more while running errands in the foreign language of your choice!


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Hey! This week,

we have been doing our errand phrases.
Darian loves errands.

When we’re out doing phrases, something I say a lot is, “Go in the elevator.”

So we’re going to do that phrase in a foreign language together.

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So Darian, let’s grab that random language generator and

you’re going to choose which language we’re going to do today.

One, two, one, two, three, four!

We’re going to do, “Go in the elevator”
in Spanish.

If you have the book or the app,

you can follow with us, and you can just follow with us with

like, the video.

Yes. And I have two kids,
And here’s all the pages.

so we’re going to say this like we’re talking to two kids.

All right.

Yes, if you have the $35 phrasebook, I did fail to mention

to get to the book-

I don’t know what I was thinking, Darian was like, all about

it, and I was thinking about something else. You go to, “E,” and

then you want to head over to, “Elevator.”

Very nice, Darian. Can you show them where the phrases start?

There they are. Show them, you can hold it open. Look at that,

you have cute little hearts like you
do in the app.

Really nice.

Okay, Darian, so let’s do, “Go in the elevator”
to two kids, because

we’ve got-
We have it to one, too,

but let’s try it out to two kids right now.

You want to do that?




“Entren al elevador.”
“Entren al elevador.”

I got tongue-tied there.

You did not.

I got a little tongue-tied. Good job! High five!

You’re going to be telling me to, “Get in that elevator” when

we’re doing errands!
And you’ll be like-

And I’ll be like-

And Nolan will be like-
And Darian will be like, “Entren al elevador.”

And then I’ll be like, walking in it.

And then Nolan’s like, “You say it, mommy.”
And you’re like-

And Nolan’s like-

Yeah, and then I’ll be like,
“This is a good phrase in here.”

It says, “I want to push the button”
for the elevator.

Isn’t that a good one?

And so I would say that. Okay, if you guys are using our fun

phrases, please tag us in the Instagram stories @talkboxmom.

Get in here, I’m like, hitting your booty.
Get in here.

Tag us in the Instagram stories and

we will see you there.

We’ll see you next week, too. Bye!

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