Spanish Phrase of the Day! Eat your vegetables, so you can grow.

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A great answer to yesterday’s phrase, “I hate broccoli,” is to respond with, “Eat your vegetables so you can grow.” I am not sure how convincing it is to my boys, but at least it helps me stay strong to get them to eat their veggies! What tactics do you have to help your kids finish their plate?

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Hey, we’re continuing on with our

dinner time phrases.

And today’s phrase is,

“Eat your vegetables, so you can grow.”

Nolan, show me you eating your vegetables

vegetables and you growing.

Let’s see how far, high you can grow.

Oh, grow a little bit.

Can grow a little bit?

Get a little bit taller.

What did you do to your vegetable?

It was yuck.

But you need to eat them so you can grow.

All right, here we go, Nolan.

We’re going to try out this phrase

in one language.

Nolan, you grab that

random language generator,

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Okay Nolan, let’s try out this phrase. Go for it.

Push it.

You pushed it? Harder.

Oh okay, you chose Spanish.

Let’s try this out.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook–

show them the phrasebook, Nolan.

Then you could follow along in the app,

and I’ll show you how to find it.

So to get to– thank you Nolan–

to get to this phrase,

you’re going to want to go to “G”

and then head over to “Grow.”

Here we go.

You ready to say the phrase, Nolan?

“Eat your vegetables, so you can grow.”

“Cómete” “Cómete” “tus” “tus”

“verduras” “verduras” “para” “para”

“que” “que” “crezcas.” “crezcas.”

“Cómete” “Cómete” “Cómete tus verduras”

“Cómete tus verduras”

“para que” “para que” “crez– Una chancla

Oh, that’s a good phrase. Yeah,

if you don’t eat the vegetables.

Just kidding but that’s funny.

If you don’t know, chancla, means flip flop

in Spanish, and it’s kind of cultural

to use your flip flop. Chancla.

Your chancla if someone doesn’t eat

eat their vegetables.

Okay, now we’re going to hear the full phrase.

Nolan, this is a long sentence.

You can say it in Spanish

or you can just listen, your choice.

“Cómete tus verduras para que crezcas.”

He whispered it to me

because I thought he might be feeling shy

and that’s just fine.

I think it’s really nice

to learn a language at home,

so if you have someone who feels a bit shyer,

they can feel safe at home saying it.

And as their confidence continues to build

and they get older and older,

they’ll talk to other people.

Which you do talk to lots

of people in Mexico, huh?

Yup, all the people at the taco stands,

all the kids at church.

I know you. I’ve seen you. Can’t trick me.

All right, thanks for joining us today’s

Phrase of the Day. See you tomorrow. Bye.


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