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I say this all. the. time. with my boys. There’s always something that they are doing that requires paper. Nolan loves to draw videos games out on paper where each level is its own page. He designs them and then colors them! Next he lies them across the floor until we have a detailed overview of a 30 level game covering our living room. It’s pretty fun to see what he comes up with. The next time you ask your kids, “Do you want a piece of paper,” ask it in a foreign language!

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Hey, and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We have been doing homeschool phrases

this week. And I’m here with Nolan.

And he’s going to be helping us with

today’s phrase which is,

“Do you want a piece of paper?”

Which is something that I say a lot

because you guys always need papers to

write things, draw things, cut things,

all the things, right?

So we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar.

How can they get it, Nolan?

Every weekend.

You can get it every weekend and you can

get it today by DMing us.

High-five, Nolan, thank you.

So, Nolan, has the random language generator

and we’re going to try out this phrase,

“Do you want a piece of paper,”

in one language.

Nolan, how about you push that and we’ll find

out what language we’re doing together.

You ready?

Do-do-do-do-do. Go for it.

Oh, with your head.

And you chose Spanish.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

there it is, you can follow along

in the language of your choice.

I’m going to show you how to get there.

So for this phrase,

“Do you want a piece of paper,”

you’re going to go to “C” for “Color.”

Like coloring.

And then, it’s at the top here, okay just clicked

it. Now those are coming.

And then I have, “Do you want to color,”

“Do you want a piece of paper?”

All right, Nolan, let’s say this phrase together.

You ready?


“¿Quieres” “¿Quieres” “una” “una” “hoja” “hoja”

“de” “de” “papel?” “papel?”

“Quieres una hoja de papel?”

“Quieres una hoja de papel?”

So, to teach your child this phrase,

all you have to do is whatever you want to ask,

if they’re going for a piece of paper

you can say, “Quieres una-

Nolan, sit down. “Quieres-

Wait, where did it go? What are you pushing?

“Quieres una hoja de papel?”

Sorry, Nolan was clicking something

on the computer. It made me a little nervous.

Okay, so you can say that phrase when your

child goes to get it and then they’ll start

getting used to it and if they’re doing

the first box, they also know how to ask for a

piece of paper themselves.

So you’ll be able to mix and match phrases.

All right, we will see you tomorrow

for tomorrow’s Phrase of the Day and

remember to DM us for this week’s

Phrase of the Day calendar.

Bye. See you all. Have a great week.


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