Spanish Phrase of the Day: Did you just fart?


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Picture this: it’s family movie night at your home. Everyone is snuggled up on the couch, watching the movie when… you smell something, and it isn’t good! You turn to the person sitting closest to you and exclaim, “Did you just fart?!” No one wants to admit it, not so much out of embarrassment, but because they love that everyone had to smell it without warning! Ha! Whether you are at home or in public, the silly kids in your life will get a kick out of learning this phrase! ⁠⠀

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Hello, it’s Adelaide with today’s foreign language Phrase

of the Day.

We’re continuing on with our embarrassing things theme that

we’re doing and today’s phrase is,
“Did you just fart?”

Now, this is a gateway phrase for a lot of boys who have started

speaking a foreign language.

So remember if this phrase is not your vibe, you don’t have

to do it. You get to pick and choose which phrase you get to do.

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So, let’s go and do this phrase in Spanish.

So, I’m going to go to the Spanish book.

I’m going to go down to “F” to a section all dedicated to farts.

And then I’m going to go to the phrase,

“Did you just fart?”

So, I’m telling you this is an icebreaker with learning a

foreign language with your family.

So here we go.

“¿Te” “¿Te” “tiraste” “tiraste” “un” “un” “pedo?” “pedo?”

“¿Te tiraste un pedo?”
¿Te tiraste un pedo?

“¿Te tiraste un pedo?” It also has words like “cochino” and “cochina” in the section

so you can call that out.

All right, so this is definitely made by native speakers because

it’s how you say it. Now to start using this phrase, just

whenever you think somebody in your family farted you can say,

“¿Te tiraste un pedo?”

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and I think we’ll have a lot of fun
with this one!

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