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It’s birthday week!! My favorite birthday memory has to be Hector and I seeing Taylor Swift in concert on the 13th row. 😜 He also said I don’t get another birthday present ever again, and next time, I have to see Taylor Swift with my friends. But he was a good sport! Too bad Love Fest was cancelled! Hopefully next year @jaicy and I will see her! Will she play both albums?! I would LOVE to hear your most favorite birthday story!

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Hello, this is Nolan, and I’m opening and
making a balloon.

Do you know why? Why, Nolan? Because we’re doing birthday Phrase of the Day!

Yay! This week’s theme are birthday party phrases, and I’m

with my six-year-old Nolan here,
and we have a fun

Phrase of the Day calendar that you can DM us for, for free, to practice

this week’s phrases.

Nolan’s going to choose-
-the button

-with the button… hold the button this way,
what language we’re going to do,

and the phrase today is,
“Blow out your candles!”

So Nolan, hit it.

Whoa, you got Spanish.

So here I am in the
TalkBox.Mom companion app

that comes with your $35 phrase book.

So if you already have the $35 phrase book,
I’ll show you

where to find it and then we’ll say this phrase together.

To find the phrase you want to go to ‘B’
and then go on over

to, “Blow” because we’re going to be blowing out some candles,

as Nolan’s blowing up this balloon, huh?

Okay. We’re going to listen to the
native speaker audio and

she’s going to tell us how to say it.

So we’re just going to have fun
saying it with her.

Are you ready, Nolan, to try out this new phrase?


Okay here we… are you ready?



I was looking at the pretty pictures behind us.

You were looking at the
pretty pictures behind us?

Oh, they are so pretty.

Here we go.

“Sopla” “Sopla” “las” “las” “velas.” “velas.”

“Sopla las velas.” “Sopla las velas.”

Okay, let’s pretend to blow out our candles.
Are you ready?

This is a fun phrase-
-the balloon worked!

-this is a fun phrase to practice

because you can light candles again and again, and blow them out

as you learn Spanish or whatever language you’re doing.

If you want to get the Phrase of the Day calendar, please DM

us below so you can get that and get started.


Bye. This is the end. This is the end. Bye.
Just kidding.

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