Spanish Phrase of the Day! Bless you.

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I live in Texas, and I wanted to include, “Well, bless your heart,” to the calendar, but that doesn’t exactly translate into other languages. 😂 It barely translates to people in other states in the US! LOL However, “Bless you,” is a great phrase to have handy the next time someone sneezes and is used in more languages than, “Bless your heart.” This phrase is a fun one to pretend with as you practice it together! For the languages that does use, “Bless you,” after someone sneezes, we put in a different phrase on the calendar for you!

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Oh! “Bless you,” is today’s
Phrase of the Day. This week

we have been working on well-mannered phrases. That’s disgusting.

That’s disgusting.

I’m talking about manners here.


Here, let me help you.

No, don’t you dare.

We have to go back a couple weeks for, “Don’t wipe your boogers on your shirt.”

You’re so… get out of here!

All right, we’re going to do,
“Bless you.” Darian, grab that

random language generator. Let’s see

what language we’re going to be doing,
“Bless you” in. Oh my gosh.

Nothing’s coming out of here.

All right, hit it!

Hit it!

Oh my gosh.

Ah, what did you do?

It didn’t go

so random. You got Spanish again!

We just did Spanish yesterday.

Oh, well, let’s do it again today.
Yeah, with Mr. Hair.

We’re going to go-
I was out, I was out going fishing.

Oh, yeah that was, Mr. Hair,

that got that one.
I was going fishing with the fish.

All right, we’re going to go to “Us.”

Wait, what? For “Sneeze” for “Sneeze,” which Darian was doing all-

But the fish only like to catch and release.

Oh, you were fishing yesterday?

That’s why we didn’t have you on?
With the fish. With the fish.

And we did catch and release. And he finally found his long lost brother.

Oh, that’s nice.

And he thought he got eaten by a
person riding a jet ski.

He was fishing on a jet ski. It was very odd.

“Bless you.”

“Salud.” “Salud.”

Do it again?




“Salud.” “Salud.”

All right, that’s how you say, “Bless you,”
in Spanish, after

somebody sneezes.

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if you’re using this phrase.
Thank you, Darian, so much for doing

all these phrases this week with me!
Grazie. Prego! Grazie. Prego!

Bye! Grazie.

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