Russian Phrase of the Day! Where are my keys?


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Thinking about today’s phrase “Where are my keys?” has me reminiscing about when I LOST the keys to my old, little car when I was a teenager, so my brother let me take his car… which was named Aisha, had no power steering, and was a stick shift. Only problem was that I didn’t know how to drive stick, and no one wanted to show me how. So! I googled it.

I read those instructions so many times. Poor me. Youtube was not around yet! Oh, man. I ended up printing the instructions after reading them a million times, got in the car, re-read them as I went through the motions, and went for it. I was fine all the way down hill. But then, later, going up hill at a really busy stop sign, I got stuck. The car kept stalling, and I kept starting it again. And again. And again.

I was so embarrassed. It felt like an eternity as all the cars just waited. After praying my soul out, the car started and moved forward. Dying of embarrassment, I looked left at one of the waiting cars and a car full of laughing guys from my high school waved at me as they watched me finally go through the intersection. 😆Thank you everyone in my family for not teaching me to drive stick. lol

Do you have a funny story from your early years of driving?! I’d love to hear it!

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Welcome to the Phrase of the Day,
and this is me, Darian,

and this is my mom Adelaide, from TalkBox.Mom

and me too.

So the phrase of the day is-
-is, oh my gosh, it is a phrase

So, this week we’re focusing on teens.

And this is a phrase you say
after they’ve used your car.

“Where are my keys?” And these balloons really want to find their keys.

So go find the keys.

Whoo! Weeeeee!

Did that hit your head? Yeah! I hit my head.

Okay, if you want to follow along with us; what do we got for them, Darian?

Oh, we got the most awesomest calendar.

It’s for free.

It’s in the link at the below. Or you can comment or DM us to get it.

Yes. And you can get the phrases for the week.

Okay, Darian’s going to use the random language generator to choose…

Let me unlock the box secrets. Oh, unlock the box with the secret key to get it?

Hold on. It wants to go.
Okay, and Darian’s going to choose the phrase.

Did you hit it?

I think you hit it a bunch of times.

You got Russian!
Darian, the phrase is in Russian.

What? If you have the $35
phrase book, you can follow

along in the language of your choice.

I’m going to show you how to get there,
and Darian and I are

going to try this in Russian.

We hope you try it out with us too.

So here we go! To get to this phrase, you are going to want to go to

“S” “K”
-Oh, that was close.

That was…yeah.

That was close.

You want to go to “K” and you’re going to go to, “Keys,” and you’re

going to go to, “Where are my keys?” Darian,

can you look and see how
they write in Russian?

Do you see that on the screen there?

It looks like a seven data.
Does look different?

Like a square of a box, right there.
Okay, let’s hear it!

Darian, have you ever heard Russian before? No. Well, maybe in the spy

movie, where they’re trying to, like, attack him; but like in an English accent;

so I didn’t really.

Okay, let’s try it out. Are you ready?


“Gde” “Gde”

“moi” “moi”
“klyuchi?” “klyuchi?”

Hold on, I got… let’s do that slow again.

So, when you’re just starting it’s
really good to do the slow

again and again, so it feels good.

Here we go.

“Gde” “Gde” “moi” “moi”
“Gde moi” “Gde moi”

Can you try that? No, really try saying it.

“mgae-uh moi” “Gde moi”
“ma…mo, mo” “Gde moi”

Good day? Good day.

“Gde” “Gde”

“moi” “moi” Try it. Come on.
It kind of sounds like…”mo…moi”

“klyuchi?” “klyuchi?”
Let’s try the whole think.

“Gde moi klyuchi?”
“Gde moi klyuchi?”

Hey! Russian! What?!

Ok, awesome!

If you are using this phrase with your family,

please tag us in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom so we

can keep having fun with you!

All right, we’ll catch you tomorrow for the next Phrase of the Day.

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